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top toy stores in kenya

10 top toy stores in kenya

These are among the top toy stores in Kenya. This list focuses on the best toy stores that offer quality and unique toys suitable for children of all ages at competitive prices.

top toy stores in kenya

Here is a list of the best toy stores in Kenya

1. Toy World Kenya

Toy World is the first toy store in Kenya with the best collection of toys for children of all ages. It is committed to offering a wide range of toys at its branches in Nairobi, Yaya Center, Sarit Center, Market Village, Garden City and ABC Place.

Callers: 0728 537 020, 0737 765 556.

2. The Toy Palace

Toy House is a toy store that offers a wide range of quality, environmentally friendly and affordable toys that meet the developmental needs of children of all ages. They also provide expertise and advice on choosing appropriate toys based on a child’s age, abilities and interests.

Location: Nyayo Estate, Nairobi.

Contact: 0720 137 025.

3. Gracepak Ventures Toys Planet

Gracepak Ventures is the best store for all your kids educational and toys. It offers more than 30 types of toys suitable for children of any age.

Location: Agoi Road, near Pangani Bus Station, Nairobi.

Contact: 0715 906 879.

4. Toyzoona

Toyzoona is one of the largest toy retailers in East Africa. With the power of children and imaginative play, Toyzoona toys are distributed to all retailers and enjoy family fun with brands such as Bunch O Balloon, X-shot, Rainbocorns, Robo Alive , Smashers, Barbie, Hasbro and Hot Wheels.

Location: Nextgen Mall, Junction Mall and Two Rivers Mall, all in Nairobi.

Contact: 0799 666 222.

5. ToyShaven 254

Toyshaven is one of the best children’s toys stores in Kenya. It stocks all the most popular and latest brands of toys with the best brands serving customers across Kenya.

Location: HH Plaza, Nairobi.

Contact: 0722 167 231.

6. Toys Direct

Toys Direct is an online toy store that offers the best toys and other products at the best prices.

Location: Westlands.

Contact: 0702 255 444.

7. Cheza Plus

Cheza Plus stocks cute and high-quality toys for your child’s playtime. Wooden toys are durable, environmentally friendly.

Location: Hub, Karen.

Callers: 0785 647 024, 0777 443 553.

8. Totos N Toys

Totos N Toys is a toy store that sells affordable toys and accessories.

Venue: Prembro House, Biashara Street.

Contact: 0703 799 955.

9. Cuddly Toys Kenya

At Cuddly Toys Kenya you get the best deals on toys, clothes, shoes, children’s books and more.

Location: Garden Estate, Nairobi.

Contact: 0722 799 813.

10. Bazooka Toys

Bazooka Toys is a renowned store that offers children’s toys, furniture, gift cards, gift bags and many more.

Location: The Hub, Karen.

Contact: 0769 894 056.