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Difference Between Current Balance and Available Balance

Difference Between Current Balance and Available Balance

This article is about Difference Between Current Balance and Available Balance. There is a slight difference between the current balance and the available balance in a bank account. The two may differ due to pending transactions in your account that have not yet been processed.

what is current balance?

Your current balance is the total amount of money in your account. Includes all pending transactions that have not been settled or processed. It is not possible to withdraw, transfer or spend what is in the current account. Funds in your current balance may come from deposits you have made or checks you have issued but not processed. These funds are not available for use.

what is available balance?

On the other hand, your available balance is the total amount of money in your bank account that you can withdraw, transfer or spend. Your available balance provides an accurate view of what you can spend at any given time. It also provides a view of the funds you have immediate access to. This can include available credit, meaning whether you have credit linked to your checking account. When you plan to make quick transactions or purchases, it is advisable to check your available balance. This is because you can access the funds at any time.

For your current balance, you will need to wait until pending transactions are processed or approved.


The current balance and available balance can be checked via the mobile application, online account, bank branch or ATM. Avoid using public WiFi at all costs whenever you access your bank account online or via the mobile app.

Hackers can easily access your accounts and steal from you as long as you use a public WiFi network. Also, remember to log out of your account once you’ve finished your transaction, whether you’re using a mobile app or logging into your online account.