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Fariji Sacco Branches In Kenya

Fariji Sacco Branches In Kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:23 pm

Here is a list of Fariji Sacco branches in Kenya. Fariji Sacco was established in 1989 by faithful Catholics. We also tell you Fariji Sacco products and services.

This was done to promote the economic welfare of the common man who had nowhere to join the Sacco as most of the people who join the joint ventures.

It is well established for efficient and effective fundraising and lending to its members across the country.

The sacco used to be known as Kagwe Christian Development Fund Sacco.

He was named Fariji Sacco in 2010. The reason for this shift was the need to have a national perspective and attract more members on board.

Fariji Sacco currently draws its members among tea, coffee, vegetable and dairy farmers, investment groups and businesses, retirees and wage earners. With an asset base of 0.48 billion, it is one of the largest depository institutions in Kenya.

Fariji Sacco Branches In Kenya

1. Head Office

Location: Diplomat House, Githunguri.

Contact: 0727 398 699.


2. Kagwe Branch

Location: Opposite Total Petrol Station.

Contact: 0700 252 394.

3. Kigumo Branch

Location: Opposite Kigumo Market.

4. Mundoro Branch

Location: Mundoro Town.

Contact: 0792 790 107.

5. Kimende Branch

Location: Kimende Women Group Building.

Contact: 0727 935 722.

6. Kirasha Branch

Location: Kirasha Junction.

Contact: 0727 935 722.

7. Kanyoni Branch

Location: Kanyoni Town.

Contact: 0112 308 419.

Fariji Sacco products and services

1. FOSA Products

  • Savings account.
  • Business account.
  • Fariji junior account.
  • Christmas/ holiday account.
  • Group/ welfare account.
  • Fixed deposit account.

2. BOSA Products

  • Capital shares.
  • Normal shares.
  • Benevolent funds.
  • Development loan.
  • School fees loan.
  • Emergency loans.
  • Salary and pension loans.
  • Milk loan.
  • Tea and coffee loan.
  • Okoa advance loan.
  • Business loans.
  • Fariji cash.
  • Group loans.

other fariji products

  • School fees cheques.
  • Cheque discounting facility.
  • Safe custody of items such as logbooks, marriage certificate and title deeds.