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How Small Scale Farmers Can get Grants in Kenya

How Small Scale Farmers Can get Grants in Kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 08:00 pm

Capital is always an issue when it comes to starting a business. Especially in farming, you need to have all the necessary inputs for farming to make your business successful from the start. Today we tell you How Small Scale Farmers Can get Grants in Kenya.

However, if you have the right information, you can get money quickly to start the business of your choice.

How Small Scale Farmers Can get Grants in Kenya

If you are a young person and really focus on agribusiness, you can get a grant from the following places:

1.Approach local banks –

Many banks are trying hard to attract customers by offering agribusiness-targeted loan packages.

Do your research to find the best bank for your needs and join it.

Examples of such schools are; Mifugo loan from Equity Bank, Maziwa loan from Cooperative Bank (targeting farmers in Kenya) Family Bank, Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited and KCB Bank through their milk loan.

2. Join a SACCO –

Join a SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies) in Kenya and you can get a low interest loan to start your business.

You can check out some of the best SACCOS in Kenya

3. Contact the Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) –

This is a state-owned financial institution that aims to provide loans to individuals or groups engaged in agriculture.

To know more about them and their terms and conditions,


4. Women’s Enterprise Fund –

This is a government-owned agency that was established in 2007 to provide credit that can be used to help women start or grow their businesses for economic and employment opportunities.

Visit their website to know more

5. Savings group –

There is a group in Kenya (Merry-Go-Rounds) that gives money to members based on how much money they save, either weekly or monthly. Getting a loan here depends on the level of your income.

6. Micro finance institutions (MFIs) –

for example Joywo, Faulu Kenya, Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT), SMEP, SISDO, KADET, etc.

7. Merchant Credit –

There are various merchants who can provide you with goods and services on credit, for example Kenya Credit Traders Limited.

Visit their website for more

8. Youth Entrepreneurship Development Fund –

It was established in 2006 with the sole purpose of reducing unemployment in Kenya, like the AgriVijana loan. It offers various loan packages targeted at young people.

Visit to find out more


That said, you should know that loans have their own pros and cons. Young farmers need to be able to wisely choose the source that will best serve them given their circumstances.