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How To Apply For A Single Business Permit in Nairobi City County

How To Apply For A Single Business Permit in Nairobi City County

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 07:40 pm

This article is about How To Apply For A Single Business Permit in Nairobi City County. A business license is required for the successful operation of any business in Nairobi and other cities in Kenya.

  • The authorization is necessary to ensure that the business complies with the rules established for that specific type of business.

The process for obtaining a business license is the same, but the cost may vary depending on the size, type and location of the business.

Requirements to apply for A Single Business Permit in Nairobi City County

In order to obtain a business permit,

  • a business must be registered and have a business identification mark, application form,
  • business name,
  • national identity card/asylum passport/passport number/visitor identity card and
  • physical address.

Instructions on how to obtain a business license

  1. If you intend to obtain a new business license, you must go to the local office and obtain a BR-1 form.
  2. Fill out the form and give it to the local licensing officer who will visit your business on the day to inspect it. In case of renewal, one copy of previous year’s SBP must be submitted.
  3. The information obtained by the inspection team will determine the fee to be charged for the permit.
  4. A BR-1 stamp is applied and you are returned to the headquarters, City Hall (for business in Nairobi).
  5. At headquarters, the model is approved and the data entered in the business license file.
  6. This is followed by the generation of invoices and payments at checkout.
  7. The certificate of establishment is signed and you are advised to collect it from the post office.
  • Application fee – Kshs. 200
  • Permit fees
  • Large trader (21-50 employees) – KShs. 20,000
  • Medium Trader (5-20 employees) – Kshs. 10,000

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