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How to Get Clients in Real Estate in Kenya - 8tips

How to Get Clients in Real Estate in Kenya – 8tips

This article is about how to get clients in Real Estate in Kenya. Nowadays, marketing is one of the most important aspects of any successful business. The ability to disseminate information and create an attractive face for the business to attract customers has a great impact on the business. The chosen marketing strategy can affect the segment, by how people perceive the business and the value of the business.

How to Get Clients in Real Estate in Kenya

In real estate marketing, every major player has a strong marketing plan to focus on certain target people. Here are some ways to attract customers;

1. Create a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a tool for businesses to develop and manage their online presence in Google Search and Maps. The tool allows the company to be easy and since the tool has the option to add contact information, customers can contact them easily.

In the real estate market, this is one of the most important things to do, because customers are able to find out what kind of house they want and customers will not choose what they do not know. Google Business Profile makes it easy for businesses to search online, helping them to have the best online presence.

2. Social Media Marketing

The use of social media has increased over the past few years and is expected to continue to increase. This is one of the easiest ways to attract new customers. However, this requires planning based on the type of target audience and how to approach them. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram are the main platforms that provide great exposure and a large audience to showcase businesses, build brands, and learn and improve. These platforms also provide a way to communicate with customers and change the sales process if necessary. Using social media requires caution and patience. The company will regularly cut and continue to inform the public of promotions and offers.

3. Paid advertising

Google, Facebook and Instagram are some of the platforms that offer different types of paid advertising. These platforms have some algorithms that focus on the audience with a high rate of purchasing products and advertising. The ads produced should be accurate and straightforward to the point, but also relevant and interesting to the audience. Ads should also be user-friendly, as 70% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

4. Create a blog

Companies create blogs to show and explain to their customers why their products are useful and what kind of solutions they offer. Real estate blogs include types of properties available, sorting by properties, rates and the process of buying a property.

Blogs should include links to sites and social media accounts and lots of photos. Blogs are an entry point to build a marketing portfolio and gain traction on major websites.

5. Photo and video walkthroughs

Real estate is one of those types of business that relies on showing and describing property. The target population for real estate includes people who are willing to move long distances. This is why it is encouraged to hire professional photographers to help capture features that words may not be enough for. Customers also like to see clear, high-quality details and photos to help them see imperfections and clear their doubts. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video? Video provides a detailed description of the equipment because it is easy to define the layout and display the features of the equipment. These photos and videos can be shared through online platforms and can end up going viral, improving the traction of the business.

6. Partnerships

Holding open houses and bringing in local businesses is a great way to advertise the property to potential buyers. From mortgage banking companies, interior design companies, furniture companies and mattress companies, to boutiques, these are great partners to have in an open house. The most effective method is to set up a full house with all the bells and whistles and include some products that local businesses offer and display the full house. Businesses will also attract customers as they want to display their products on their needs.

7. Billboard Advertisements

Although street advertising is considered to be a dying business, the business has started and instead of large plastic signs, advertising companies are putting online devices that can show video ads. This is a significant increase and affects the market.

Properties can be featured in videos showing plans and amenities as well as locations, websites and contact information at no extra charge. The idea is to choose a billboard in a busy street to increase the number of potential customers.

8. Promotion and offers

People associate a good company with the number of offers and promotions that the company offers. These promotions and offers are often beneficial for businesses as they attract more potential customers. Marketing does not use this strategy, making it one of the most effective strategies for building a business reputation.

Entering contests can also help raise awareness about the dealership and the types of properties it offers. This strategy has been shown to be the most efficient in terms of resources, because people have to work hard, including taking out loans to buy things that they can sell for profit.


Acquiring land for a real estate business in Kenya is a very attainable goal, but it requires discipline and hard work to maintain these goals. They are exactly what every company needs to start their business. These methods have their own level of difficulty and although some of them involve investment, the inevitable return is worthwhile.