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Kiota School Fees Structure today

Kiota School Fees Structure today

This article is about Kiota School Fees Structure today. The school has three campuses namely;

  • Dennis Pritt Campus,
  • Kasuku Campus and
  • Karen Campus.

The Dennis Pritt Campus serves children ages 2 to 6. The kindergarten section is located along Dennis Pritt Road, while the primary section is located along Nyangumi Road, off Dennis Pritt Road.

The Kasuku campus serves grades 1 and 2. It is located along Kasuku Road in Kilimani.

Karen Campus serves kindergarten through first grade. It is located along Mokoyeti Road East.

Kiota School teaches using the Kenyan CBC curriculum and the Montessori system.

Kiota School Fees Structure today

Below is the school’s fee structure Today.

  • Kiota School Fee Structure 2023
    Registration costs
  • Application fee (payable once): Ksh 3000
  • Materials and books (payable once): Ksh 6,500
  • PTA (per quarter): Ksh 500

1) Kiota School Kindergarten Fees Structure today Per Term

Kindergarten Fees Per Term
Play Group (Robin Nest, 2-3 year olds)Half Day71,800
Play Group (Robin Nest, 2-3 year olds)Half Day with Lunch81,800
Play Group (Robin Nest, 2-3 year-olds)Full Day with Lunch84,000
KG 01 (Penguin Nest, 3- 4-year-olds)Half Day74,000
KG 01 (Penguin Nest, 3- 4 year olds)Half Day with Lunch84,000
KG 01 (Penguin Nest, 3- 4 year olds)Full Day with Lunch86,500
KG 02 (Parrot Nest, 4-5 year olds)Half Day69,300
KG 02 (Parrot Nest, 4-5 year olds)Half Day with Lunch74,500
KG 02 (Parrot Nest, 4-5 year olds)Full Day with Lunch84,500
KG 03 (Eagle Nest, 5-6 year olds)Full Day Only (Inclusive of Lunch)86,800

2) Kiota School Primary Fees Structure today

  • Full Day only (Inclusive of Lunch, Swimming & French)
Primary Fees Per Term
Grades 1, 2 & 392,500
Grades 4, 5 & 694,600
Grade 7 98,900
 Class 898, 900

3) Koita school Year 7 Cambridge: Kes 145,000 per term full day

Co-Curricular Activities (Optional)Charges Per Term
Musical Instrument: Piano– Kindergarten5,000
Ballet/ Dance4,000
Musical Instrument: Saxophone/ Piano/ Flute/ Violin/ Guitar/ Drums – Primary8,000
Roller skating5,000
Swimming (for Kindergarten)7,000
Monkeynastix (Annual registration fee Ksh 1,000 applies)5,000
French (for Kindergarten)4,000
Little Einsteins Club8,000
Saturday Football Academy

Kiota School Contacts

Dennis Pritt Campus Road Tel: 0719 532 989 

Kasuku Road Campus Tel: 0798 702 500, 0724 535 858

Karen Campus Tel: 0798 703 101