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KMTC Nursing Fee Structure today - and requirements guide

KMTC Nursing Fee Structure today – and requirements guide

This article will inform you about KMTC Nursing Fee Structure today – and requirements, its a simple guide. The KMTC Diploma in Nursing is one of the most sought-after courses in medical college. This is due to the high education and employability of the graduates.

Nursing graduates from Kenya Medical Training have gained worldwide recognition

Many nurses trained at the institute are already working in developed countries such as the UK and the USA. 

KMTC Diploma in Nursing Programs

  • Registered Community Health Nurse in Kenya (before service).
  • Kenya Registered Nursing Mental Health Nursing and Psychiatry.
  • Registered Nurse/Midwife in Kenya
  • Registered Community Health Nursing in Kenya (Registered Community Health Nurse Upgrade). 
  • Registered Community Health Nursing in Kenya (Registered Community Health Nursing Update).
  • Kenya Registered Community Health Campus Nursing (Registered Nurse/Midwife Upgrade).

Requirements for the KMTC Diploma in Nursing (Entry)

  • KSCE average grade of C normal and above. 
  • Simple C in English or Kiswahili.
  • Simple C in biology or life sciences. 
  • C minus in chemistry, mathematics or physics/physical sciences.
  • Nursing diploma courses last for three years.
  • For refresher students, the programs last 1.5 years full-time or 2 years if the student opts for distance learning.

KMTC Certificate in Nursing Requirements

  • Average KCSE grade of C minus.
  • C minus in languages ​​(English or Kiswahili). 
  • C less in biology or biological sciences.
  • D plus in chemistry, mathematics or physics/physical sciences. 
  • The KMTC Certificate in Nursing course takes 2 years to complete. 

Eventually, graduates are awarded a Certificate in Registered Community Health Nursing. 

From here, certificate holders can progress to diploma after registering with the Kenya Nursing Council.

KMTC Nursing Fee Structure today

Tuition and tuition fees have been tightened following tough economic times around the world.

The following post provides a detailed overview of KMTC tuition for students who are self-funded or parallel or wish to fund their own tuition. In our previous post, we have provided a detailed discussion about the medical courses offered at KMTC university. You can check the course and see if you qualify and how much tuition per quarter you will pay. 

kmtc nursing fee structure for self-sponsored students

The above fee structure was for self-sponsored students and varies by program of study.
In general, self-sponsored students are required to pay tuition fees, tuition fees, and other miscellaneous fees. 

The tuition fee for the various certificate and diploma courses ranges from KES 60,000 to KES 150,000 per academic year.

Registration fees range from KES 2,000 to KES 10,000 and other miscellaneous fees range from KES 5,000 to KES 25,000. 

How many semesters does KMTC college have?

KMTC College has two semesters in one academic year. The first semester starts in August and lasts until December, while the second semester starts in January and lasts until May.

However, there is a short break of two weeks in December and a long break in August (1 month). There are a few things to keep in mind about paying KMTC fees.

Fees, once paid, are non-refundable, especially if the student is expelled from the university.

  • Students are required to make financial arrangements and expenses related to their practical attachment; research details etc are available in the respective faculties at the time of notification. This means that the student will fund the practicals and the research.
  • Students will cover the cost of purchasing stationery.
  • Students are encouraged to purchase their own textbooks and course-specific books that may not be available at the university.
  • The student will cover his expenses for the purchase of medical equipment, such as the purchase of one piece of equipment for each course, i.e. stethoscopes

KMTC fees payment details

S/No Bank Name Account Name Account Numbers For Fee Payment
1. National Bank, Hospital Branch, Nairobi.  KMTC Central Collection Account 01003086514000
2. Kenya Commercial Bank, Moi Avenue Branch, Nairobi KMTC Holding Account 1158030274

NB: Contact KMTC ( for information, to make sure there are no changes or alternations. Fees can change depending on institutions’ policy