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Linda Mama Hospitals In Migori County

Linda Mama Hospitals In Migori County

This article is about Linda Mama Hospitals In Migori County. Mama is a free health insurance policy from NHIF that targets pregnant women in Kenya.

The program was launched in 2016 to improve access to and quality of maternal care in Kenya.

Linda Mama covers four visits of prenatal care, childbirth, postnatal care, conditions and problems during pregnancy, and newborn care in one year.

Pregnant women in Migori County can access free prenatal care at Linda Mama Hospital listed below.

Linda Mama Hospitals In Migori County

  Hospital NHIF Branch
1. Alpha Community And Nursing Home Migori
2. Getontira Medical Centre Migori
3. Kehancha Mother & Child Migori
4. Lwala Community Health Centre Migori
5. Mama Freda Medical Clinic Migori
6. Mama Maria Clinics -Muhuru Bay Migori
7. Mother Solbrit Health Centre Migori
8. Ojele Memorial Hospital Migori
9. Oruba Nursing & Maternity Home Ltd Migori
10. Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital Migori
11. Rapogi Community Health & Mat. Centre Migori
12. Rosewood Nursing Home Migori
13. Royal Medical Clinic & Maternity Home Migori
14. Samjomen Nursing Home Migori
15. Sori Lakeside Nursing Home Migori
16. St Akidiva Memorial Hospital Migori
17. St. Akidiva Mindira Mabera Migori
18. St. Josephs Mission Hospital Migori Migori
19. St. Monica Rapogi Mission Hospital Migori
20. St.Camillus Mission Hospital Migori
21. Steken Nyarombo Maternity & Nursing Home Migori
22. Suna Mat & Nursing Home Migori

NHIF Contacts

Phone: 0800 720 601, 020 22723255, 0202714793, 0202722527