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Rift Valley Academy School Fees Structure today

Rift Valley Academy School Fees Structure today

Rift Valley Academy School Fees Structure today. This is a Christian boarding school located in Kijabe, Kenya. The International School was founded in 1908 by Charles Hurlburt; the founder of the Africa Inland Mission. Rift Valley Academy gives priority entry to missionary children.

It is divided into primary, secondary and high school. They teach using the American curriculum.

The school is equipped with sufficient facilities that enable it to offer world-class education, namely, a well-equipped library, nineteen student dormitories, a gymnasium, a music building, a drama hall, two sports grounds, tennis courts, basketball court, elementary field recreational areas, a chapel, a cafeteria, an administration building, a student health center, a counseling center and a laundry room, which meet the daily and long-term needs of students.

Below is the fee structure for Rift Valley Academy.

Rift Valley Academy School Fees Structure

​​ ClassFees
​​ The figures below include tuition, room, boarding and capital development fees in Kenyan shillings per term​​ 
​​ Kindergarten​​ 193,910
​​ Grades 1 – 6​​ 216,350
​​ Grades 7 – 10​​ 223,490
​​ Grades 11 – 12​​ 227,750
​​ Other Fees
​​ Class Dues
​​ Grades 7 – 8​​ 350
​​ Grade 9​​ 1000
​​ Grade 10​​ 1,200
​​ Grade 11- 12​​ 1,700
​​ Interim Trip
​​ Grade 11- 12​​ ​​ 40,000/= to 90,000/= (Term 2 only) Depends on Interim chosen. Interim is required both years as part of the Academic program.​​ 
​​ First Time Application Fee​​ ​​ 5,000
​​ Enrolment Deposit​​ ​​ 50,000
​​ Travel Fees​​ Ksh 1,000 for students outside Kenya

Please note that the fees can change with time. Kindly contact the school for any clarifications.

Rift Valley Academy School contacts

Telephone Number: +254-713000700

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