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top 10 best kmtc certificate courses - great demand

top 10 best kmtc certificate courses – great demand

This article is about top 10 best KMTC certificate courses. KMTC has ten certificate courses offered at different campuses across the country. These courses open a window into medical careers for students who have achieved a grade below C in their KCSE. 

NB: Always reach out to the official institutions to confirm the latest list of courses and fees

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We tell you all the KMTC certification courses and their requirements.

 Please note that the certificate course is not the end of the road.

Students can progress to a diploma, high school diploma, or even a bachelor’s degree.

best kmtc certificate courses

Certificate in Nursing in Community Health

This is the most sought after of all the certificate courses offered at the KMTC. To take this course in medical school, a KCSE grade point average of C minus with C minus in Biology, English or Kiswahili and D+ in Chemistry, Physics/Physical Sciences or Mathematics is required.

Certificate in Medical Engineering

To get a certificate in medical engineering, you must have a simple D in mathematics, a D minus in physics, and a C minus in English or Kiswahili. Like other certificate courses at KMTC, the average KCSE grade for this program is C minus. We have now covered all the certification courses in KMTC, their requirements.

Note that most courses take two years to complete. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section.

Certified in Public Health

To take this course, the student must have obtained a minimum grade point average of C minus in KCSE and in English or Kiswahili. Other requirements include: D+ in Biology/Life Sciences, D in Mathematics and simple D in Home Science, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Construction, Drawing, Electrical or Carpentry.

The course takes two years to complete. 

To be eligible for this KMTC certification course, you must have a community

Certificate in Community Health Assistant (Upgrading)

Direct entry requires an average grade of C minus with D plus English or Kiswahili, D Simple in Biology and D in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics/Physical Science, Agriculture, Home Science. 

Certificate of Emergency Medical Technician

Also known as EMTs, these medical professionals work in ambulances and handle patients before they can enter a healthcare facility. This course only requires a KCSE grade point average of C less. There are no minimum subject requirements. The course takes one year to complete. 

Certificate in Health Record and Information Technology (form 4 graduates and in service)

If one is a Form 4 graduate, he must have achieved a KCSE average grade of C minis in KCSE with D plus in Biology, C minus in English or Kiswahili D minus in Mathematics and D plus in Physics/Physical Science, Chemistry, General Science , computer science, agriculture, home science, economics, geography, commerce, or business studies.

For admission to service (those already working without academic degree) you must have an average KCSE grade of D plus with the same grade in English or Kiswahili and D less in mathematics. 

Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics

The Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics is the only D plus course offered at the KMTC. The course requires an average KCSE grade of D+ with the same grade in English or Kiswahili, simple D in Biology and simple D in Chemistry or Physics.