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top 10 Best Maternity Hospitals In Tharaka Nithi County

top 10 Best Maternity Hospitals In Tharaka Nithi County

This article is about some of the top 10 Best Maternity Hospitals in Tharaka Nithi County. This list focuses on public and private hospitals that offer affordable and exceptional maternity services.

Best Maternity Hospitals In Tharaka Nithi County

In no particular order, we bring you some of the top hospitals in Tharaka Nithi area.

Chuka General Hospital

The hospital offers free maternity services and other comprehensive medical services such as gynecology, pediatrics, obstetrics, pharmacy, laboratory testing and surgery.

Location: Chuka town

Chogoria PCEA Hospital

The hospital offers excellent maternity services, radiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, dental care, head and minor surgery.

Location: Near NHIF office in Chuka town

Contact: 0713 656 186, 064 22620

Mt Elgon Samaritan Medical Clinic

Location: Post Bank Building, next to Magunas Market, Chuka Town

Contact: 0722 795 918

Komarock Health Care

The clinic was established in 2006 to provide general health care and medical consultation services at affordable prices.

Location: Kathwana Market

Contact information: 0721 254 606, 0740 385 654

Chuka nursing home

The clinic is open daily to all patients and provides basic medical care and general consultation services.

Location: Chogoria town, By Grace Plaza

Contact: 0703 319 866

St Lucies Hospital

Location: Karingani, Chuka

Contact: +254 20 357 0543

Kamanyaki Health Center

The center provides free maternal and child health services.

Location: Kamanyaki City

Consolata Cottage Hospital

Location: Chuka City

Contact: +254 064 313 0334

Kiraithe Medical Clinic

Location: Near Chuka District Hospital Road

Contact: 0733 229 762

St Orsola Mission Hospital

It is a faith-based hospital that offers a wide range of medical services such as obstetrics, laboratory tests, pediatrics, radiology, physiotherapy and dental care.

Location: Along the Chuka-Materi road

Contact: 0700 433 220