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top 10 best Pallets Manufacturers And Sellers In Kenya

top 10 best Pallets Manufacturers And Sellers In Kenya

This article is about top 10 best Pallets Manufacturers And Sellers In Kenya. Pallets are flat structures that are mainly used to transport, handle or store goods. They can also be used to make elegant furniture or products such as seating, tables and beds.

There are different types of pallets. This includes wooden palettes, plastic palettes and metal palettes. The most common and most used type is the wooden palette.

best Pallets Manufacturers And Sellers In Kenya

Here is a list of pallet manufacturers and sellers in Kenya

1.Kenpack Limited

Kenpack Limited is a local manufacturer of wooden pallets for storage, sea export and air export.

Location: Mombasa Road, in front of City Cabanas.

Contacts: 0795 005 025/0721 147 284. 

2. Woodtex Kenya

Woodtex Kenya is a leading manufacturer of wooden pallets and packaging materials for load support solutions in East Africa. 

Location: Maliro Maps Industrial Park, Bypass Orientale.

Contatto: 0722 782 231/020 807 

3. Deca Craft

Deca Craft is Kenya’s leading supplier of single source wooden pallets. It is also an established manufacturer of custom and standard industrial pallets and containers for a variety of industries.

Location: Thika Road. 

Contacts: 0755 445 511/ 0701 005 574.

4. Home Of Pallets & Crates

Home Of Pallets & Crates offers all pallets and pallets furniture solutions ranging from the sale and design of elegant palette furniture.

Contact: 0723 007 361. 

5. Metro pallets

Metro Pallets manufactures, markets and distributes wooden pallets. The company provides innovative solutions with the best people, processes and technology.

Location: Opposite ICD Gate B, Old Mombasa Road. 

Contact: 0710 977 873/ 0798 681 608.

6. Prime Pallets Kenya

Prime Pallets Kenya are sellers of pallets and other furniture products. They make elegant and durable products. 

Contact: 0714 218 050.

7. Pallet World Kenya

Pallet World Kenya is the best in manufacturing affordable and unique pallets and pallet furniture.

Location: Ruiru.

Contact: 0734 780 605.

8. Real Deal Pallets Kenya

Real Deal Pallets Kenya deal with pallets and metal products. All items are made with orders and delivered at a fee. Location: Limuru Red Hill.

Contact: 0790 549 804. 

9. Nedds palette

The Nedds palette are one of the best veal sellers and manufacturers of unique and elegant furniture producers in Kenya. 

Location: Busia Road, Industrial Estate, Nairobi.

Contact: 0700 299 463. 

10. Agnetta Pallet Shop

Agnetta Pallet Shop are renowned dealers in both pallets and pallet furniture in Kenya. 

Location: Juja, Juja-Gatundu Highway, past Plaza de Juja.

Contact: 0729 799 287.