5 May, Sunday
top 10 Best Pension Funds Schemes In Kenya

top 10 Best Pension Funds Schemes In Kenya

This article is about top 10 Best Pension Funds Schemes In Kenya. It’s only a matter of time before you reach old age. They say to make hay while the sun is shining. He doesn’t want to reach old age with no money to pay for his failing health or leave a legacy for his growing generation.

This is why joining the retirement plan will save your butt in those bad old days when you don’t have the energy to move and make a quick buck here and there. Ideally, you should make regular contributions to your retirement plan throughout your working life. The basic amount is 500 per month which equals 6000 per year.

By the time you reach retirement age, you will have saved a lot and your money will have earned temporary interest.

So you can make it to old age in style without calling and cursing your grandchildren for abandoning ours.

Best Pension Funds Schemes In Kenya

Below is a comprehensive list of pension plans with the best retirement benefits that you can join right now in Kenya. They are registered with the Retirement Benefits Authority.

1. Blue MIPYME Jua Kali Individual Retirement Plan (Mbao Retirement Plan)

  1. Jubilee Insurance Company Personal Retirement Plan
  2. Old individual mutual pension scheme
  3. Octagon Personal Retirement Plan
  4. Alexander Forbes (Vuna Pension Scheme)
  5. UAP Individual Retirement Plan
  6. Britam Pension Scheme
  7. ICEA Lion Individual Retirement Plan
  8. Amana Personal Retirement Plan

10 Zimele Individual Retirement Plan

Other Pension Funds Schemes In Kenya you can choose from:

  • APA Life
  • Personal Intime Retirement Plan
  • Apollo Insurance Company Individual Pension Scheme
  • Individual CPF pension scheme
  • Blue Shield Personal Retirement Plan
  • Dry Associates Personal Retirement Plan
  • British-American Retirement Fund
  • Stationery Personal Pension Plan
  • Maisha Milele Eagle Africa Pension Scheme
  • CFC Vida Individual Pension Retirement Plan
  • In Wealth Personal Retirement Plan
  • CIC pension plan
  • Kenyan Alliance Insurance Co.Ltd. Individual pension scheme
  • GA Life Personal Retirement Plan
  • Kenya Assurance Company Personal Pension Scheme
  • Assurance of the Kenyan Alliance
  • Company individual pension scheme
  • Madison Insurance Personal Retirement Plan
  • The Monarch Personal Retirement Plan
  • Pan Africa Life personal pension plan
  • Pioneer Assurance Company personal pension
  • The Heritage All Company Individual Retirement Plan
  • Cooperative Trust Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme