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top 10 Best Pharmacies and chemists in Syokimau

top 10 Best Pharmacies and chemists in Syokimau

This article is about top 10 best pharmacies and chemists in Syokimau. Medical supplies and other similar items are very essential for your daily life. They should always be at the top of your list when you’re running errands to stock the house. Personal hygiene items and even personal protective equipment have now become part of our lifestyle and you too need them in constant supply.

  • The pharmacy is where you find these essentials, such as surgical masks, sanitizer, vitamin supplements, cough syrup, and similar medications. If you’ve just moved to Syokimau, you might be curious about where to find pharmacies that sell these items, especially at retail.

Best Pharmacies and chemists in Syokimau

You can take a look at the Pharmacies in Syokimau below to find what you need.

Pharmaplus Pharmacy Syokimau

Pharmaplus is conveniently located within the Gateway Mall which is the perfect location if you are looking to run multiple errands at once. You can do your shopping, go to the bank, then visit the pharmacy, all within the same store. In this shop, you will find both medical supplies and your favorite cosmetic products.

Location: Gateway Mall

Hours of work: every day from 7:00 to 21:30

contacts: 0786 714221

Astrol Gas Station Syokimau Pharmacy

Gas stations are great places to shop because they are very accessible and stay open longer. This particular pharmacy is open 24 hours so that you can visit it even late at night in case you need an item urgently.

They also have an online site that lists the different products they have in stock.

Location: Syokimau

Working Hours: Open 24 hours

contacts: 0788 660000

Zanina Pharmacy

Zanina Pharmacy is in line with COVID-19 guidelines and customers can now visit the physical store in person without health or safety concerns. The pharmacy offers medical and fitness or health products, including items needed to supplement your diet or exercise regimen.

Location: Mwananchi street

Hours of work: every day from 8:00 to 21:30. Open from 2.00pm on Sundays

contacts: 0748 641438

badge Pharmacy

Syokimau residents living along Katani Road can easily access Badge Pharmacy and make it their go-to store for all their prescriptions and similar items. You can contact them directly using their phone number or get a quote on the website to approximate the cost. You can also read testimonials from other customers and leave feedback about your experience with them.

Location: Syokimau, Katani Road, Mlolongo

contacts: 0721 606460

Tridove Pharmacy

Tridove Pharmacy is your local essential pharmacy, with everything you need when it comes to medical devices, wellness products and prescription drugs. If you need basic medicines that can be sold without a prescription, you don’t have to look too far as Tridove most likely has them in stock.

Location: Mwananchi Road, Nairobi

Japhyram Pharmaceuticals

This pharmacy is perfect for hotel guests who need to stock up on travel medical supplies such as bandages, bug ointments, and personal hygiene products.

They also provide Mpesa services, so if you need to withdraw or deposit cash, you can visit them and do it while shopping for wellness products. They are open every day of the week, including weekends.

Location: Anthena Hotel, Mlolongo

Working Hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm daily. Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00

Goodlife Pharmacy

Goodlife Pharmacy is a well-known brand with branches all over the country, which speaks for its credibility. It’s a company you can trust and a great place to start when you need a pharmacy in or around Syokimau.

They are open every day of the week, so you can visit them whenever it suits you.

Location: Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Working hours: every day from 8:00 to 19:30

contacts: 0704 567395

Hemlock Pharmacies

This pharmacy is another accessible and conveniently located business, with its Syokimau branch located at the Shell gas station. They sell all your vital medical products, wellness items such as supplements and pain relievers in case of muscle injury, as well as essential pain relievers while travelling. Stop while you refuel in your car and buy what you need.

Location: Shell Syokimau Gas Station

Hours of work: every day from 7:00 to 23:30. Opens at 7:30 on Saturdays and 8 on Sundays.

Contacts: 0757 646014

Mlolongo Pharmacy

Mlolongo Pharmacy has everything you need in a pharmacy, from bottled water, disposable razors, children’s cough syrup and even body lotion. You can also buy syrups or tablets for quick antacid relief.

Location: next to Kalembe Building, Old Mombasa Road

Hours of work: 8am to 5pm daily. Closed on weekends.

contacts: 020 253952

Shade Pharmacy

The Shade Pharmacy offers key medicines for children, namely cough syrup, flu medicine, as well as supplements such as omega oil and vitamin C, which are great for boosting your child’s immune system.

Also, they are a local money transfer service where you can access Mpesa and other money brokers.

Location: Mlolongo Caps Station

Hours of work: 6.30am to 10.00pm daily

contacts: 0722 172355


For your medical emergencies, you should look for 24-hour pharmacies, as you will be able to access them when needed. Many Syokimau pharmacies also often have a doctor over the counter, who can provide you with first aid before you get to the hospital. This list also contains pharmacies with their own website where you can check the list of available items before your trip. For additional due diligence, make sure the pharmacy you choose is certified to dispense healthcare items by the relevant authorities.