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top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Isiolo County

top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Isiolo County

This article is about top 10 best private hospitals in Isiolo County. Isiolo is a semi-arid county located in the Upper East Region of Kenya. It covers an area of ​​25, 336.7 square kilometers. It has a large number of high -cut private hospitals that offer quality services. Some of them offer great maternity services including free Linda mama maternity services under if they are NHIF accredited.

Best Private Hospitals In Isiolo County

In no particular order, we present some of the top private hospitals in Isiolo County.

Isiolo Central Medical Clinic

Location: along the Isiolo-Moyale highway

Contacts: +254 645 352 421

Isiolo Medical Center

Location: Wabera

contacts: 0729 536 775

galactic hospital

It is a state-of-the-art private hospital that offers a wide range of services such as pharmacy, laboratory, physiotherapy, surgery, maternity, family planning and medical consultations.

Location: Isiolo Town

contacts: 0704 560 070

Mansi hospital

Location: Via Ospedale, Isiolo Town

contacts: 0701 174 525

Avi Mater Care Hospital

It offers general medical care and counseling services at affordable prices.

Location: Along the Isiolo-Marsabit highway

Waso medical and nursing home

It offers maternity services, family planning, vaccinations, pharmacy, lab tests and doctor visits.

Location: Isiolo Town

Contacts: +254 064 52395

Afya Clinical Laboratory Services

It specializes primarily in diagnostics and laboratory tests and other basic medical advisory services. Location: Behind the Banco Consolidado, Municipality of Isiolo.

Kulamawe Nursing home

Location: Waso, North Isiolo

Contacts: +254 722 881 773

Al Falah Medical Center

It offers general medical services such as pharmacy, dental care, lab tests, maternity and family planning.

Location: Bulapesa

contacts: 0728 952 274

Iqra Medical Center and Nursing Home

It offers both inpatient and outpatient medical services, laboratory diagnosis, general counseling, ultrasound, pharmacy and home care.

Location: Ibado Building, on the Isiolo-Marsabit highway

contacts: 0721 254 444