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Top 10 best Property Management Companies in Kenya

Top 10 best Property Management Companies in Kenya

This article is about Top 10 Property Management Companies in Kenya. Property management companies take on the responsibility of their owners in managing residential, commercial or industrial properties. Their job is to take care of the regular tasks assigned to them by the landlords: for example, collecting rent, repairs and maintenance, tenant inspections and evictions, and other tasks. A study of the real estate industry in Kenya

  • The real estate sector has experienced significant growth over the past decades, leading to an increase in residential and commercial properties. This increase in development requires a boost from real estate investors, resulting in a property management company.
  • Since entering the real estate business, the property management industry has grown tremendously. This growth is due to the increasing number of home owners who are looking for their services.

Although paid, the services of a property management company reduce the stress and responsibility of monitoring the daily operations of their property. Hence, they can move on to other businesses when they get their salary.

How to choose a property management company

Although property management companies in Kenya are thriving, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right company for your property. Check them out:

The scope of work

Often, commercial properties have different regulations than residential properties. While the type of property defines the management requirements, Kenyan property management companies have a well-organized collection with different management packages and fees. In this case, you should choose a package that suits your home needs.

The easiest way to choose the right property management company is to define the services you want to outsource. Once you have a list of the jobs you want to leave, research the real estate agency that offers these jobs, comparing their fees and skills until you find the right one.

Consider history

Kenya has over 100 property management companies emerging as the most successful. The bottom line is that low-performing businesses tend to be more accessible. It is very important to avoid falling into a property management company that cannot check the background of the company. The most effective way to get company records is to support them. You can also research a few companies that offer the type of service you are looking for, do an interview and visit one or more properties under their management. You can also talk to some of their clients to find out if their services are worth the strike.

Termination policy

Termination is an essential element of any contract. Although history shows that competent companies have no problem with customers having the right to cancel the contract, poor companies tend to avoid this clause. Nevertheless, all property management companies must put a stop limit on the contract because no one knows the future. Various circumstances can lead to the cancellation of a property management agreement, such as failure to provide services. Additionally, the investor may decide to sell the property if the new owner has a business they like. In such a situation, the termination of the contract is inevitable.

best property Management Companies in Kenya

1. Ark Consultants Limited

Ark consultants limited is a fully fledged property company registered in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nanyuki. It offers a wide selection of real estate services, including inspections, property management, inspections, real estate agencies, and construction project management. For property management services, property managers provide maintenance and repairs, rent collection, tenant management, and more.

2. Gimco Limited

Gimco Limited is a real estate company that provides a variety of real estate services including property management, costing, agency, research and feasibility studies. The company was founded more than three decades ago with the aim of helping landlords to improve their service delivery and increase the return on investment. Its management functions include:

  • Rental management
  • Collection and rental income
  • Landlord management
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Resource Management
  • Analysis of rent and debt

The company’s services are available for residential and commercial properties in Parks, Kenyatta Avenue, Kileleshwa, Upperhill, Nairobi CBD, Westlands, etc. They have qualified staff who are well trained to deliver professional services with high levels of integrity, training and accountability.

3. Dunhill Consulting Limited

Dunhill Consulting is a professional property management company with a strong team of diverse professionals. It was established to provide its owners with cost-effective, professional and hassle-free maintenance and repair services. In addition to providing world-class management services, Dunhill Consulting offers professional sales and marketing services. Suppose you want to rent an office, residential or commercial property; Dunhill will suit you and the real estate. They help clients to sell or buy land or houses in Westlands, Mombasa road, Kilimani, Parklands and Lower Kabete. Their services are affordable and reliable and guarantee professionalism at all levels.

4. Real Estate Kenya

Real Estate Kenya is a fast growing property management company with a track record of integrity and accountability in the delivery of its services. The company prides itself on a group of wealthy individuals who are committed to providing investors with quality management services. In addition to providing property management services, Kenya Commercial Properties sells and markets residential properties in Lavington, Valley Arcade, Kileleshwa, Kilimani and nearby areas.

5. Villa Management

Villa Management is a leading real estate company offering a wide range of real estate and property management services to government, residential and corporate clients. For decades, it is a reliable company that ensures that customer expectations are met in all areas of business. The company is proud of its young and motivated employees who have shown great discipline, integrity and responsibility in their work.

In addition to property management, Villa Management specializes in property sales, office management, project management, leasing, rental and leasing. Their knowledge of residential and commercial real estate gives them the edge in matching clients with properties in Kileleshwa, Kilimani, Kitisuri, South C, Lavington, etc.

6. Knight Frank Kenya

Knight Frank Kenya is a leading real estate company offering its clients customized property management, valuation and business support services. In addition, he advises on the operation and sale and lease of properties across the country. Imagine you are looking for luxury real estate, commercial space or residential property; Knight Frank Kenya has over two decades of experience in connecting clients with the resources they need. He also provides financial advice to entrepreneurs and business owners.

7.Tysons Limited

Tyson Limited is one of the oldest real estate companies in Kenya, and has been active in the Kenyan real estate market for almost a century. For nearly ten years, he has been active in commercial, residential and industrial property management services.

These are the clients who are often looking for services such as:

  • Management of offices, buildings, shops, etc.
  • Great country living
  • Company
  • Government agencies
  • Embassy
  • Churches, etc.

In addition, Tyson Limited offers real estate, office, building, machinery, vehicles and industrial equipment, among other assets. They also offer home inspections, in addition to being a general home inspection company.

8. Hass Consultants

Hass consult Limited is a leading real estate company providing property management and specialized equipment. It offers many management services, including:

  • Invoicing and collection of rent
  • Financial reports
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Lease management, including renewals and replacements
  • Management of common areas in the company

In addition, Hassconsult Limited is a well-known developer with over three decades in the real estate business. Other services include monitoring, evaluation, interior design, sales and marketing, among other real estate products. Its coverage area includes Runda, Westlands, Riverside Drive, Upperhill and related areas.

9. Azizi Real Estate Agents

Azizi Real Estate Agents are experts in property management, rental and real estate companies. It boasts of many inspiring professionals who are committed to ensuring the delivery of the best services in every department. It also takes advanced property management skills that are well-versed in real estate and business management requirements. In addition to providing excellent management services, Azizi Estate Agents offers real estate sales and rentals in Lavington, Langata, Kileleshwa, Runda and Wangige. They have a deep knowledge of the real estate market in these areas, which is good for recommending customers and good things.

10. Lloyd Masika Limited

Lloyd Masika Limited is a locally based company that was established in 1970 as a property surveying company. He turned his portfolio into property management, dealing in commercial and residential properties. For almost four decades, Lloyd Masika has been committed to providing quality services, ensuring professional standards and standards. Apart from being a professional appraiser and professional property manager, Lloyd Masika is also involved in the sale and lease of commercial and residential properties. Their coverage areas include Thindigua, Westlands, Sandalwood, Lavington, Runda, Loresho and related areas.


Property management companies are important in the real estate industry. They make the work of the owners easier and improve the standards of hygiene in residential and commercial areas.