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top 13 best logistics companies in Kenya

top 13 best logistics companies in Kenya

Here is a list of the best logistics companies in Kenya.

This list focuses on top-rated companies that provide

  • reliable,
  • one-stop logistics services in Kenya and beyond.

best logistics companies in Kenya

Here is a list of the best logistics companies in Kenya.

1. Offshore Global Logistics

Offshore Global Logistics is a renowned company in Kenya offering specialized services in the niche of logistics and supply companies in East Africa.

Contact: 020 800 0870.


2. Agility Kenya

Agility Kenya offers freight forwarding, contract and logistics solutions that connect your business with suppliers in markets around the world.

The company provides sea, air, road and multimodal transportation solutions for your goods, as well as global warehousing and distribution for your goods.

Contact: 0733 604 714.


3. Elisa Logistics

Elisa Logistics has more than 25 years of experience in the transport and logistics industry.

It offers integrated solutions in logistics and shipping, logistics and warehousing as well as dedicated services for goods throughout East Africa.

Contact: 0725 310 112.


4. Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Bolloré is a large international transport and logistics company specializing in multimodal transport. It has branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Malaba, Busia, Lokichoggio, Namanga and Eldoret.

Callers: 020 642 1000, 020 642 1007.

5. Kenfreight Group

Kenfreight is a leading freight forwarder in East Africa, with a significant share of the cargo handling market in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan.

The company can organize your logistics process by entrusting any customer with logistics team experience.

Contact: 0734 699 697.

6. Global Accelerator

Acceler is an international freight and logistics services provider specializing in freight and logistics services, customs marketing, warehousing, freight forwarding, distribution and supply chain management.

Contact: 0720 607 070.

7. Freight forwarders

The carrier is one of the leading arms suppliers in East Africa.

It is a valuable manufacturing company that offers a complete collection of equipment to companies involved in mining, oil and gas, utilities and utilities, energy and infrastructure.

Contact: 0709 383 000.


8. Transmeridian International Logistics Ltd

It is one of Kenya’s leading freight forwarders and an international logistics company based in Nairobi.

The company brings benefits to its customers by providing the best and most effective distribution and logistics solutions.

Callers: 0728 327 652, 0731 825 625.


9. Fastlane

Firstlane is a seamlessly integrated, specialist international freight forwarder and logistics provider, with core expertise in ocean freight, air freight, transportation of perishable goods, general cargo and destination storage.

Contact: 0788 309 344.


10. sasa Logistics

Sasa Logistics is a transport logistics company serving Mombasa and the hinterland.

Callers: 0734 400 883, 0721 400 883.


11. Sheffield Freight Logistics

Sheffield is a leading provider of clearance, shipping and supply chain management services.

The company provides its customers with logistics solutions that support their business, effectively influencing the way they do business.

Callers: 0723 764 819, 0736 671 228.


12. Polygon Logistics

The company offers its customers a variety of logistics solutions, from cargo transportation, customs clearance and transportation, air representation, transportation services and animal transportation.

Callers: 0722 204 835, 0726 711 541.


13. Fox International Logistics Ltd

The company is a complete service provider for all types of cargo and vehicles.

It provides expert services in the areas of customs clearance and air and sea cargo delivery at designated ports/airports in Kenya.

Contact: 020 682 7964/5, 020 827 667.