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top 20 Best Private Primary Schools In Kilifi County

top 20 Best Private Primary Schools In Kilifi County

This article is about the top 20 Best Private Primary Schools In Kilifi County. It covers an area of ​​about 12,245 square kilometers, and tourism and fishing are the main economic activities of the area. Kilifi has many successful private primary schools that record impressive results in KCPE examinations. In KCPE, Kilifi High Vision Academy is one of the top performers in Kilifi County, with an average score of about 392

Best Private Primary Schools In Kilifi County

In no particular order, here is a list of the top private primary schools in Kilifi County.

Mnarani Preparatory School

Location: Mnarani town

Kilifi High Vision Academy

Location: Kilifi town

Mtwapa Elite Academy

Location: Kikambala

Light Academy

Location: About one kilometer from Lamu Road, Malindi

Imara Academy

Location: Mtwapa

Mbisa Preparatory School

Location: Mtwapa

St Barnabas Junior Academy

Location: Kaloleni

Malindi Star Primary School

Location: Malindi

Bethany Junior Academy

Location: Gede-Watamu Road, Watamu

Kaloleni Junior Academy

Location: Kaloleni

Vipingo Academy

Location: Junju

Hilltop School

Location: Magarini

Mariakani Star Academy

Status: Let me know

rabai Junior Academy Funds

Location: Kaloleni

Green House Preparatory School

Location: Malindi

Kingway Elementary School

Location: Malindi

New Marianna Glorious Academy

Location: Off Mombasa-Malindi Road, Mtwapa

St Marys furaha Academy

Location: Bamba, Kilifi

Khairat Junior Academy

Location: Gongoni

Rasul Al Min Academy

Location: Kaloleni Town