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top 6 Best Private Primary Schools In Langata

top 6 Best Private Primary Schools In Langata

This article is about some of the top 6 Best Private Primary Schools In Langata. The list focuses on high-performing schools with excellent facilities that provide an environment conducive to learning.

Best Private Primary Schools In Langata

In no particular order, here is a list of the top private primary schools in Langata.

Kilimani Junior Academy

Kilimani Junior Academy is a private high-performing primary school that follows the Kenyan skills-based curriculum while retaining the values ​​and work ethic of the traditional 8-4-4 system.

Location: Lang’ata South Street.

Contact: 0705 346 138.

PCEA Lang’ata School

PCEA Lang’ata School was established in 1992 to provide holistic education to local children. For many years it remained a haven of excellence for young people and has grown by leaps and bounds from 10 students to over 400 students.

Contact: 0712 127 579.

Heritage Junior School

Heritage Junior School is a nursery and primary school offering holistic education to all children and a wide range of co-curricular activities.

Location: Off Kungu Karumba Street.

Contact: 0722 138 385.

Briar Rose Junior School l

Briar Rose Junior School is an educational institution committed to providing an excellent, quality education using the 8-4-4 and competency-based curriculum.

Location: KMA Estate, Lang’ata.

Contact: 0779 183 432.

Talent Academy

Talent Academy is a private CBC/8-4-4 elementary and kindergarten that brings out the best in your child’s skills and talents. It is a leading school in providing holistic education and positively impact students for a life time experience.

Contact: 0792 421 670.

White Star School

White Star School is a leading private primary school offering an education based on a Christian foundation. The school offers a Kenyan-based curriculum.

Location: along the Lang’ata road.

Contact: 0722 389 753.