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Top 8 best maternity hospitals in Nairobi

Top 8 best maternity hospitals in Nairobi

This article is about some of the top 8 best maternity hospitals in Nairobi Kenya.

When expectant parents consider their options for welcoming a child into the world, therefore, the best hospitals for fertility care are compiled to help them identify the hospitals that perform well in ‘childbirth for an uncomplicated pregnancy.

best maternity hospitals in Nairobi

The best maternity hospital in Nairobi to ease your burden and let you focus on your baby’s arrival.


Aha Khan University Hospital is definitely one of the most sought after hospitals in Nairobi.

Due to its unique approach, it is based on respect for individual and cultural choices in childbirth, offering seven private services and a delivery room with flexible delivery beds and equipment to monitor the situation mother and child.

One bedroom has a birthing pool if you want to try a water birth!

For mothers with health problems, The Maternity also offers monitoring equipment such as pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure).

After delivery, you can choose from several accommodation options, including four bedrooms each with a bathroom, a twin room (duplex) with a bathroom and a private room with a bathroom.

Another option for staying with your baby is the Princess Zahra Baby Room where you and your baby will be looked after by the midwives and your midwife and babysitter.


Located along Arwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi Hospital is a leading institution in healthcare expertise and service delivery, with investment in the latest technology and medical equipment, Nairobi Hospital is recognized and The whole of East Africa and beyond as advanced research, treatment and intervention.

The Nairobi Hospital has designed a maternity ward for the safety and comfort of expectant mothers with these options available.

  • 12 beds in rooms with shared sanitary facilities
  • 4 private bedrooms with shared bathrooms
  • Bedroom 4 en-suite (independent)
  • Company 2
  • 1 service theater
  • Wall-mounted HDTV with cable connection
  • Childbirth

Maternity offers our customers the following options:

  • Bedroom 4 (independent)
  • 18 bedrooms with shared sanitary facilities
  • Applications and services
  • lactation room
  • Day care center

It is an established a leader in the health care system in Kenya and beyond.

Nairobi Hospital


The Mater Hospital is well known for its rich history as a midwifery school between 1972 and 1986.

The hospital opened a maternity ward to provide prenatal and postnatal care to poor women in Nairobi.

Since then, Mater Hospital has become one of the best maternity hospitals in Nairobi and prides itself on not only caring for babies and mothers but also acting as a training hospital in midwifery.

4. Komarock Modern Health care

Komarock Modern Health located in Ndege View Estate Utawala started as a small outpatient clinic in 2006. The hospital combines customized methods and new technologies to deliver treatments that set new standards of care, including modern facilities that provide comprehensive health care facilities.

Komarock Modern HealthCare specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology, but is qualified to handle other general consultations and specialist treatments.


Located in Parklands, Avenue Hospital is well known for its affordable and quality maternity services, Avenue Hospital provides maternal and newborn care based on its principles of quality, integrity good things, respect, passion and innovation.

In particular, its goal is to provide the best place for gentle care for every mother and newborn and care by supporting mothers through the beautiful journey of pregnancy in the following ways:

  • Prevention and counseling clinic
  • Antenatal care includes clinical examinations by our specialist doctors, mothers’ clubs, Lamaze classes and birthing assistance. Delivery
  • lactation advice
  • Newborn care and education
  • Avenue Hospital provides expert care for your pregnancy and growing baby and offers advice during the pregnancy journey.

6. St Mary’s Mission MISSION HOSPITAL

St Mary’s Mission Hospital is the best Tier 4 hospital based in Langata.

The hospital adheres to the principle of “HEALTH AND HEALTHCARE” and provides treatment to all who walk, providing quality health care that is affordable and accessible to the public with a focus on promoting dignity of patients.

7. Kenyatta National Hospital

As Kenyatta has a large pool of midwives and doctors, it is indeed one of the best referral hospitals that are positioned to help patients from medical facilities at lower levels.

For this reason, the delivery service in the private and public sector of KNH is commendable.

In the private wing, a normal delivery costs Kshs 45,000 while a cesarean delivery costs Kshs 135,000.

In the general delivery section, NHIF card holders get free delivery.


The Coptic Hospital is located along Ngong Road and offers an excellent maternity package, including a free shuttle service from your home to the hospital.

For mothers who want to give birth without pain, they give epidural anesthesia.