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top 8 Best Plastic Surgery Hospitals In Kenya

top 8 Best Plastic Surgery Hospitals In Kenya

This article is about top 8 Best Plastic Surgery Hospitals In Kenya. Plastic surgery is a procedure that involves the reconstruction and repair of damaged tissue and skin. This can be done for medical reasons or for cosmetic purposes to enhance beauty or overall appearance.

The most important thing to consider before choosing plastic surgery is the best hospital that offers such services. So, this article will save your time by researching the best plastic surgery clinics in Kenya.

Best Plastic Surgery Hospitals In Kenya

In no particular order, here is a list of the best plastic surgery clinics in Kenya.

1. DaVinci Medical Group

The hospital has a team of doctors and specialists who specialize in reconstructive and plastic surgery, surgical and non-surgical treatments, breast reduction, travel medicine, sports medicine, hair restoration, hair transplantation and other medical procedures. cells. It is equipped with state-of-the-art theaters and state-of-the-art equipment that ensures world-class surgical services.

Location: Theta Lane, Off Lenana Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0777 112 010.


2. Aga Khan University Hospital

It has a plastic surgery department which is primarily for providing exemplary care to burn patients. It also offers a wide range of modern plastic and surgical procedures such as breast reconstruction, facelift, lip augmentation, skin grafts and rhinoplasty.

Location: 3rd Parklands Avenue, Limuru Road, Nairobi.

Call: 0733 442 936, 020 366 2000.


3. Karen Hospital

The plastic and cosmetic surgery department at Karen Hospital is staffed by expert surgeons who are well trained to deliver the best results in cosmetic surgery. The surgeons combine plastic surgery with auxiliary training to provide patients with the best care after surgery.

Call: 0726 222 001, 0736 222 001.


4. Dr. Adan Plastic Surgery

Dr. Adan has provided a patient-centered approach to patients of all body types. Dr. Adan performs cosmetic procedures, reconstructive surgery and clitoral surgery for female genital mutilation survivors in Kenya.

Location: Landmark Plaza, 1st Floor, Block A, Argwings Kodhek Road.

Contact: 0732 330 011. Email:

5. Diani Beach Hospital

The clinic offers a variety of cosmetic surgeries such as breast reduction, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, skin grafting, mini-lifts, and bite reduction.

Location: Diani Beach.

Callers: 0722 569 261, 0737 223 223.


6. Vitality Fountain Clinic

Vitality Fountain is the first clinic built in Nairobi for plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine and hand surgery. The clinic offers the latest and most requested medical and cosmetic treatments for patients who want quality, comfort and exceptional results.

Location: Suite 6B, Grosvenor, 14 Riverside, Nairobi.

Contact: 0725 045 705.

7. Valentis Health

Valentis Health manages all cosmetic procedures, skin concerns, and skin condition removal using premium skin care products called cosmeceuticals.

Location: 603 Westside Tower, intersection of Brookside Drive.

Call: 0790 500 488, 0705 110 011.

8. Apple+ Sense Clinic

The hospital is staffed by skilled surgeons who provide innovative treatments developed with compassion to help improve function, mobility, appearance and confidence. They perform procedures such as tummy tucks, breast reductions, nose jobs, breast reconstruction, fat grafting, and botox injections.

Call: 0780 367 367, 0790 307 260.