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top 9 best Hospitals in Kitengela

top 9 best Hospitals in Kitengela

This article is about top 9 best Hospitals in Kitengela. Kitengela, a fast-growing residential area, has attracted many well-known medical institutions. Many major hospitals and health clinics have their branches in Kitengela. As a result, it is one of the urban areas in Nairobi that has the highest number of public and private hospitals.

best Hospitals in Kitengela

If you are considering moving to any part of Kitengela, check out some of the hospitals and clinics that you can consider for research.

1. Aga Khan University Hospital

The Aga Khan University Hospital is a renowned medical institution that provides world-class healthcare. It also provides a variety of health care services in its inpatient, outpatient and emergency rooms. The advantage of choosing the Aga Khan University Hospital is that it has a qualified medical team that ensures that patients receive the highest level of medical care.

Apart from providing medical services to patients, the Aga Khan University Hospital also serves as a training center for doctors, nurses and midwives. It is well known for producing excellent doctors who serve Kenya and beyond.

Location: Old Namanga Road, Athi River, Kitengela Capital Centre

Working hours: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Contact info: 0456622189

2. Gertrude Children’s Hospital – Kitengela Clinic

Gertrude Children’s Hospital is an established children’s hospital in East and Central Africa. It is also among the most famous hospitals in the country that can deal with serious health problems in children.

They also provide a variety of health services including counseling, labs, nutrition, health clinics, specialty clinics, etc. It has a complete pharmacy that guarantees complete treatment of patients. The advantage of choosing Gertrude Children’s Hospital is that they accept health insurance in Kenya.

Location: Kitengela Mall 3rd Floor, Kitengela, Nairobi – Namanga, Athi River

Working hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Contact info: 0730645008

3. LeMaiyan Hospital Kitengela Town

LeMaiyan Hospital is a comprehensive medical institution that provides all medical services, hospitals or clinics. It offers a wide range of medical services such as childbirth, caesarean sections, male fertility and laboratory services. LeMaiyan Hospital also accepts several health insurance schemes, including NHIF. It also provides unparalleled customer service and personalized healthcare for customers without discrimination.

Location: GX84+VXC, Athi River

Working time: 24 hours

Contact info: 0715675361

4. Kitengela Pona Hospital

Kitengela Pona Hospital is a registered medical and nursing facility offering general and specialist healthcare services. It provides medical advice, pharmacy and laboratory, among other services. If you are looking for a general medical examination such as examination, nutrition service, medical clinic or pregnancy test, Kitengela Pona Hospital offers these services and many more. Their medical team is well known and their customer service is unmatched.

Location: Athi River, Nairobi – Namanga Road

Working hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Contact info: 0721502644

5. St. Mary’s Hospital Paul

St Paul’s Hospital is a general care and surgical center providing inpatient, outpatient and emergency services to residents. NHIF supports the hospital and works closely with health insurers to ensure that the facility receives quality treatment when needed. Its services are x-rays and scanners, childbirth, vaccinations, special clinics, etc.

St Paul’s Hospital also prides itself on providing hospital services such as a hotel, including a maternity unit. As a result, many expectant mothers are interested in the time to give birth to their children here. They also employ a highly trained medical team, friendly nurses and junior support staff.

Location: Kitengela,

Working time: 24 hours

Contact info: 0727679068

6. ufalme Hospital

The Ufalme Hospital is a medical facility established to provide quality healthcare services to the residents of Kitengela and beyond. This is a growing hospital that now offers counseling, pediatric, prenatal, postnatal, etc. Clinical laboratories are equipped with modern medical equipment for better diagnosis and treatment. Its pharmacy is well stocked with the best local and international drugs.

Location: Milele Center

Working hours: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Contact info: 0718900229

7. Kitengela West Hospital

Kitengela West Hospital is a state-of-the-art medical facility that provides affordable and quality medical services to the residents of Kitengela. It is one of the leading hospitals in Kitengela that has adopted modern technology in the laboratory and dental department. In addition, Kitengela West Hospital has a strong training team that ensures that all staff perform their duties effectively and efficiently, regardless of position.

Location: Kitengela, East Kajiado,

Working hours: 6:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Contact info: 0722891232

8. Kitengela Sub County Hospital

Kitengela Sub-County Hospital is a public health facility that provides general health care and 24-hour emergency health care services. Like other public institutions in Kenya, Kitengela Sub-County Hospital provides emergency care for critically ill or injured patients who require urgent treatment.

In addition, the hospital has a 24-hour operating theater and a dedicated medical unit that ensures that patients receive quality medical care.

Location: Saitoti Road Oloosirkon

Working time: 24 hours

Contact info: 0711441409

9. Kitengela Medical Services

Kitengela Medical Services is a private hospital that provides medical services in Kitengela and other parts of Kajiado. Its main hospital in Kitengela provides the residents with fast, efficient and affordable healthcare services with the highest level of expertise. Its services include pregnancy care, HIV care, 24-hour hospital and hospital care, home care, family planning, and more. Private insurance schemes are approved and approved by NHIF.

Location: Kitengela is located off Viwanda Road, opposite Kajiado East Export Zone

Working hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Contact info: 0727151821


Kitengela is one of the residential areas in Nairobi with many hospitals and clinics. As a result, it is gaining popularity and becoming a favorite destination for many residents of Nairobi.