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top Build design firms in Kenya

top Build design firms in Kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:02 pm

Construction companies are specialized companies that not only provide services in the design of buildings but also do the construction of buildings themselves. We have some of the top Build design firms in Kenya to ensure you make a quality choice just before you embark on your own ventures.

The design company makes the first step in managing the architects and the builders.

They have brought your home design and construction process together under one roof.

They are a one-stop shop for home design, design and construction. This system creates fast and efficient building and construction. Surprisingly, there are good house building companies in Kenya that can handle your house concept from start to finish and make all your written house plans a reality.

Here is a list of construction companies in Kenya that you should consider. It is important to have a great floor plan in mind before contacting a good contractor.

top Build design firms in Kenya

1. DecoLine AG

DecoLine Ltd is one of the best construction companies in Kenya. It is a remarkable company for design-build, interior and renovation projects. They provide services for residential and commercial buildings.

Their office is at Road C, Enterprise Road, Nairobi 4743-00506, Kenya.

DecoLine Ltd offers specialist services in:

  • 3d details
  • Architectural design and drawings
  • Bathroom design and renovation
  • Home design
  • Traditional houses
  • Fabric design
  • Drawing, floor plan and installation of the floor
  • Storage arrangement, building additions and additions
  • Design and construction of gyms
  • New construction, design and construction of porches
  • Project management, site planning, space planning, structural engineering, security planning and construction
  • Construction of small houses, universal design, design and construction of workshops
  • Commercial Remodeling, Commercial Design, Interior Design, Office Space Design, Office Space Improvement, Roads

2. PlaneSQUARE Design Limited

PlaneSQUARE is an integrated company with strong experience in interior design. The company offers unparalleled interior design and construction services for a wide range of clients and projects of all sizes and budgets. Their staff has broad and deep experience in all areas of interior design, space planning, furniture and product design.

Their office is in Nairobi, Kenya.

PlaneSQUARE Design Limited offers the following services:

  • 3d details
  • Architectural design and drawings
  • Loft conversions, Interiors, Custom homes
  • Drawings and floor plans
  • Design and construction of gyms
  • Home Remodeling, Home Design, Project Management, Roof Installation, Staircase Design, Sustainable Design, Global Design


Atelier M.O is a team of designers trained and passionate about 3D design. They provide high quality services to make customers see their services as the best. The company works with entrepreneurs to ensure the expected success.

Atelier M.O offers services in the following areas:

  • 3d details
  • Construction design, construction drawings
  • Bathroom, bedroom, design, floor plan
  • Home Additions, Home Remodeling, Home Restoration
  • Home design, kitchen design, kitchen remodeling
  • Project management, space planning, sustainable design, global design

4. Megatricity API

Megatricity PLC offers premium services in building construction. Megatricity PLC experts help to successfully implement the building concept.

They offer many services including:

  • 3D Rendering, Construction Design, Construction Drawings
  • Bathroom Renovations, Custom Homes, Affordable Homes
  • Land planning, land use, foundation law, green building
  • Home Additions, Home Additions, Home Remodeling, Home Plans, Kitchen Design, Kitchen Remodeling
  • Lighting design, lighting installation, outdoor lighting design
  • Manufactured buildings, project management, site preparation, space planning, staircase design
  • Civil Engineering, Swimming Pool Construction, Universal Design, Wood Flooring
  • Industrial Design and Construction, Interior Design, Full Equipment, Electrical Services, Solar Energy, Epoxy Floor Design, 3D Floor/Tile

Some of their many awards include the following:

  • Certificate of Civil Construction
  • National Environmental Management Certificate
  • City-City Rights
  • Energy Management Company

5. Diaspora Constructions

Diaspora Constructions is a real estate brokerage, general contractor, interior design and remodeling company. They provide clients who need construction services and want to invest in real estate and companies.

Diaspora Constructions provides services in the following areas:

  • 3D Rendering, Bathroom Design, Bathroom Renovation, Home Design
  • Carport Installation, Architectural Drawings, Custom Cabinets, Custom Sheds, Custom Homes, Demolition
  • Drafting, floor plan, floor installation, foundation construction, garage
  • Home Additions, Home Additions, Home Renovations, Home Plans
  • Laminate Flooring Installation, Laminate Flooring Repair
  • Lighting, lighting installation
  • New Home Construction, Outdoor Kitchen Construction, Site Planning, Site Preparation, Space Planning
  • Structural Engineering, Design and Safety Construction, Sustainable Design, Universal Design, Window Installation

6. Smart Concept limited

Smart Concept is one of the best construction companies in Nairobi, Kenya. They provide excellent service in many construction sites.

They understand:

  • Construction design
  • Design of buildings and foundations
  • Home remodeling, home design and kitchen design
  • The installation of laminate flooring in the design of the floor
  • Lighting design and space planning
  • Swimming pool construction

7. Proshade Kenya

Proshade is another design and build company to consider. The company provides safe, practical and awesome outdoor solutions.

Proshade products are in homes, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings and large developments.

They are authorized dealers for world famous brands such as Corradi, Renson, Kettal and Unopiyu.

Proshade Kenya offers services in:

  • 3d details
  • Architectural design, green building, landscape design
  • Outdoor kitchen design, outdoor kitchen design
  • Exterior lighting design, porches and structures
  • Project management, site preparation, security design and installation
  • Home renovation, roof installation

8. Dman Ltd

Dman Ltd is an outstanding interior design company qualified to meet all your home design needs. They provide special services to entrepreneurs, hotels, restaurants and developers.

Dman Ltd designs and builds with improved quality and high technical standards.

Services performed by Dman Ltd include:

  • 3d details
  • Construction design, construction drawings
  • Living room, traditional house, design, floor plan, green house
  • Home Additions, Home Renovations, Home Plans, Modular Home Additions, New Homes
  • Building and constructing a pool house, these houses are very efficient
  • Project management, tower installation
  • Site Design, Staircase Design, Permanent Design, Design-Build

9. TLI & Company

T.L.I & Company is a privately owned construction company in Kenya. They are trusted to provide beautiful decor and high quality home services. T.L.I Company also provides unique vision and customer satisfaction. The company strives not to be limited by environmental factors in its design concepts; they think outside the box to satisfy their customers.

Services offered by T.L.I & Company include:

  • bathroom design
  • Laying down
  • Home renovation, kitchen design, kitchen renovation
  • Installation of laminate flooring
  • New construction, space planning, landscaping and design-build


We hope this list is helpful in finding the right construction company for your construction project. Remember, they are a one stop shop. You can take advantage of this and leave your home design and construction to professionals who will make your vision a reality in the shortest possible time.