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top cabro suppliers in kenya

top cabro suppliers in kenya

These are the top cabro suppliers in Kenya. Cabros is a parking lot that is used to park lawns such as roads, driveways and parking lots. They are available in different sizes, shapes and colors.

top cabro suppliers in kenya

1. Cabro blocks Kenya

Cabro Blocks Kenya offers complete cabro solutions, from the supply, installation and construction of special cabro roads, pools, patios and outstanding roads.

Contact: 0777 500 063.


2. Maskani Kenya

They are leading cabro pavers manufacturers and suppliers in Kenya with over 7 years in the industry. They manufacture, supply and deliver cabros, channels and curbs nationwide.

Contact: 0729 925 044.


3. Panda Bricks & Building

The company is Kenya’s leading supplier of concrete barriers, offering high-quality cabro concrete that combines great aesthetics with a quick and easy installation process to provide a durable, safe and friendly solution.

Callers: 0704 910 463, 0720 688 000.


4. Cabro Pavers

They are contractors and suppliers based in Nairobi but extend their services to all other regions.

Contact: 0713 677 449.


5. Bamburi Special Products Ltd

The company manufactures and supplies high-quality precast concrete that provides quality solutions. They come in different shapes, colors and decorations to suit different tastes.

Contact: 0722 632 289.

6. Jongonga Contractors Ltd

Jongonga Contractors Ltd is a construction company that manufactures and supplies various types of cabro all over Kenya.

Callers: 0711 796 374, 0763 374 796.

7. Rana Team Ltd

It is a construction company specializing in the installation and installation of products such as cabro paver, paving slabs and wall cladding.

Callers: 0707 999 333, 0729 365 999.

8. Kisumu Concrete Products Ltd

Since 1978, the Kisumu company has been manufacturing and supplying quality products such as cabros, with advanced manufacturing technology and maintaining a green environment.

Callers: 0740 240 150, 0711 988 230.

9. Cabro Pavers Kenya

The company offers cabro blocks, road blocks, gutters, channels and pots at competitive prices.

Contact: 0777 500 063.


10. Glowbalink Holdings Ltd

Glowbalink Holdings Ltd provides cabro and other paving solutions with extensive experience in cabro services (installation and maintenance) and other cabro maintenance services.

Contact: 0726 499 238, 0739 499 238.