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best Prefabricated Houses Construction Companies In Kenya

10 best Prefabricated Houses Construction Companies In Kenya

These are some of the best Prefabricated Houses Construction Companies In Kenya. These functional / functional buildings are a special type of building that is made of materials that use the latest technology. They are usually manufactured in a factory and shipped to a construction site where parts and components are assembled.

best Prefabricated Houses Construction Companies In Kenya

Here is a list of Prefabricated Houses construction companies in Kenya.

1. Eco Homes Limited

Eco House has been the market leader in building houses built before 2002. They build a concrete house with labor and it takes about 12 weeks to build it. Their construction cost is Ksh 27,000 per square meter for Nairobi area.

Contacts: +254 020 359 1988, +254 020 353 5709.


2. Kenyan residence permit

Koto House offers affordable housing and housing solutions using alternative housing technologies.

Callers: 0708 108 633, 0789 808 991.


3.Elsek Construction Company Limited

The Elsek Company specializes in providing a selection of electrical construction and utility site services. The company provides support services to its customers through design, assembly, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and logistics to provide affordable housing.

Location: Sun n Sand Road, Opposite Kikambala Primary School, Kikambala.

Contact: 0707 717 171.


4. Mineco Group

Location: annex of the town hall.

Callers: 0732 326 768, 0724 744 321.


5. Contech Limited

The company specializes in converting shipping containers into living quarters. They are able to create permanent homes, houses and businesses from shipping containers.

Contact: 0780 888 822.


6. CUMA East Africa Ltd

CUMA East Africa is one of the best prefab / EPS contractors in Kenya. They manufacture quality prefabs for hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, schools and children’s homes.

7. C-MAX technology

Location: Thika Super Highway, Exit 10, next to Kenya Clay Limited, Ruiru.

Contact: 0722 764 433.


8. Economic Housing Group

The company offers ready-to-use buildings, whether in the form of offices, residences, guest houses, vacation homes, site buildings, schools, sites or offices.

Callers: 0712 143 299, 0733 213 103.

9. DMS Africa

DMS Africa is responsible for operating companies that offer a variety of organizational opportunities, from simple office buildings to large integrated installations. Up to three buildings can be stacked together for maximum use of available floor space.

Contact: 0718 174 154.

10. Thermoteq Limited

The company provides affordable nursing homes suitable for hospitals, hostels, schools, offices, parks, churches and residences. These materials are primarily designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Location: Thermoteq Center, off Mombasa Road, next to Bigsqure Bellevue.

Callers: 0707 717 273, 0722 704 994.