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Top 8 best aluminum foil manufacturers and suppliers in Kenya

Top 8 best aluminum foil manufacturers and suppliers in Kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:28 pm

Here is a list of best aluminum foil manufacturers and suppliers in Kenya.

This list focuses on the main producers of aluminum foil,

a thin sheet of alloyed aluminum that can be used for various purposes such as insulation,

insulation, or food packaging and other products.

best aluminum foil manufacturers and suppliers in Kenya

Here is a list of aluminum foil manufacturers and suppliers in Kenya

1. Statpack Industries Ltd

Statpack Industries manufactures Statwrap aluminum foil that meets international standards, is easy to use, strong and of high quality.

Location: North Airport Road, Embakasi.

Callers: 0722 852 979/ 0733 883 329.

2. Royal Converters Limited

The company makes Hanan Aluminum Foil that is strong and reliable you can rely on for baking, grilling, grilling, and sealing needs. Location: Lunga Lunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 0735 413 192.

3. Kim Fay East Africa

Kim Fay East Africa manufactures strong Red Fay foil and provides the most effective packaging solution for all foods that require barrier protection.

Location: Off Mombasa Road, behind Libra House, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 351 2819.

4. Chandaria Industries

Chandaria Industries manufactures Velex Aluminum Foil which is thick, strong, durable and retains original freshness and taste.

Location : Baba Dogo road, Ruaraka.

Contact: 0723 414 162/0733 872 820.

5. Kadolta Packaging

Kadolta packaging provides a foil cover that can be heat sealed in a plastic or paper bag.

Address: Old Mombasa Road, Godown 52.

Callers: 0722 927 705/ 0714 546 756.

6. Mingtai

Mingtai is one of the leading aluminum foil manufacturers in Kenya. The company also offers complete aluminum sheets in various alloys and tempers.


7. Label converters

Label Converters is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum foil, flexible packaging solutions and self-adhesive labels in Kenya.

Location: Old Mombasa Road, City Cabanas, near Nyoro Construction.

Callers: 0722 207 139

8. Swiss Packaging AG

Swiss Packaging offers quality aluminum foil/trays at affordable prices and delivers nationwide.

location: OTC Building, Opposite Ola Energy, Nairobi.

Callers: 0720 334 926/ 0728 517 267.