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top tv wall mounting service providers in nairobi kenya

8 top tv wall mounting service providers in nairobi kenya

This article is about the top tv wall mounting service providers in Nairobi Kenya. This list focuses on professionals who provide suitable services on TV that cover residential and commercial areas in Nairobi and the surrounding area.

top tv wall mounting service providers in nairobi

In no particular order, here is a list of the best TV wall mounting service providers in Nairobi.

1. ND Solution

ND Solutions provides complete, professional and affordable TV wall mounting and DSTV installation services in Nairobi and surrounding areas. Their extensive experience in wall mounting assures you that your TV will be well protected, protected and mounted within the walls of your room. Their fees vary depending on the size of the TV.

Contact: 0715 514 124.

2. absolute movers

Absolute Movers offers quality TV moving services in Nairobi at affordable prices. They build residential and commercial buildings. They also offer DSTV installation services as well as tuning of the TV speakers and the correct sound system, so that you get the best sound quality.

Location: Makadara, near Jogoo Road.

Contact: 0728 993 481.


3. Alcatraz Satellite Network Service

They specialize in home and office entertainment services, from television and editing services, installation of DSTV, GOTV, Zuku and Startimes, internet sales and networking.

Location: Mirage Plaza, Mombasa Road.

Callers: 0720 548 999, 0724 572 514.

4. Sunlink transmitters

Sunlink Movers offers Nairobi residents professional TV installation, DSTV mounting and Zuku installation services at affordable rates. They offer innovative solutions for your kitchen, living room or business that requires multiple TV walls.

Contact: 0727 665 294.


5. Senior Movers Kenya

They offer all kinds of editing services, DSTV installations and wallpapers. The service is built on trust and supported at all levels by professionals and experienced staff.

Contact: 0718 160 622.


6. Bench freight Movers

They specialize in TV wall mounting, TV installation, TV installation, and sound system installation. They end up all over Nairobi.

Location: Near Jogoo Road.

Callers: 0720 013 657, 0710 117 331.


7. Cable-Sat Solutions

Cablesat Solutions provides professional TV installation and satellite dish installation services for DSTV, Zuku and Azam. They also install security cameras inside and outside homes and businesses.

Contact: 0786 561 738.

8. Ryan Movers

Ryan Team Movers performs quality TV installation services on televisions, home theater and surround sound systems of all sizes, covering both residential and commercial properties.

Contact: 0705 863 818. Email: