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AAR Hospital Maternity Charges

AAR Hospital Maternity Charges

This article is about AAR Hospital Maternity Charges. It is a tier 5 hospital located along Kiambu Road in Muthaiga Ward in Nairobi.

A modern medical facility with a capacity of 140 beds is operational since 2021.

Some of the services offered in this hospital include dialysis, emergency care, obstetrics, gynecology, orthopedics, surgery fever, surgery, diagnosis, endoscopy, pharmacy, pediatrics , movie theater, good kid and travel vaccination service.

In addition to this, the AAR hospital works as a specialist and administrative hospital.

AAR Hospital Maternity Package

AAR Hospital’s maternity package includes normal and caesarean section delivery.

1. Normal Delivery

Cost: Ksh 98,700

It includes:

• Obstetrician and Paediatrician fees
• Post-natal standard drugs
• Post-natal investigation
• Shared room for two nights
• 1st Vaccination before discharge

2. Caesarian Section Delivery (CS)

Cost: Ksh 210,000

It includes:

• All services in the normal delivery
• Anaesthetist fee
• Theatre fees
• Shared room for three nights

AAR Hospital Contacts

Phone: 0793 410 850, 0111 049 900, 0730605500