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best stores selling authentic travel bags in kenya

top 10 best stores selling authentic travel bags in kenya

Last updated on June 26th, 2023 at 11:00 pm

This article is about top 10 best stores selling authentic travel bags in Kenya. A travel bag is just a small bag used to carry clothes and accessories mainly for travel. These are some of the most important things for a traveler.

  • Most of these travel bags are made of leather and provide enough space for the traveler to store many of their contents.
  • Best stores selling authentic travel bags in Kenya can be tricky to find given it is hard to distinguish quality generally.

Travel bags can be found in almost any market, but the difference between real and fake travel bags is where you buy your bags.

best stores selling authentic travel bags in kenya

1. Jumia

best stores selling authentic travel bags in kenya

Jumia has everything you need these days. If you are looking for travel bags whether authentic or generic, just go to Jumia’s search bar and type travel bags or browse the range of travel bags and choose the best one for yourself.

2.Denri bag

Personally, I have a weakness for denim bags. Denri has great sales people, the best designers around, and a clear and impressive product range. Other bags in their store are bucket bags, diaper bags/baby bags, duffel bags, laptop bags, satchels and of course travel bags. The price of their luggage ranges from Ksh 2000 to Ksh 3500 for single and combo luggage.

Contact: 0703869724

3. Kamandora

Kamandora makes many bag designs from monkey bags, baby bags, handbags, laptop bags and even travel bags. They mix kitenge and leather perfectly to create a beautiful bag with a soft touch of Africa. Their fares vary from Ksh 2000 to Ksh 2500

Contact: 0723499628

4. Kenyan Qali bag

Qali bags are unique in their own way. The majority of them are made of canvas and come with carts and laptop bags inside, reducing the cost of buying an extra laptop bag for your laptop. They simply add a touch of style to travel and these travel bags are ideal for travel and business. Contact: 0770886629

5. Tatu Designs Store Kenya

Tatu designs, manufactures and markets travel bags and other multi-purpose bags. Their bags also have a real African touch that is worth checking out. They sell for 2000 Ksh per piece

Contact: 0717111424

6. Nuria

Nuria is a fashion and bag store and offers a plethora of bags that a bag lover can choose from. All bags sold here are clean, good quality fabric and leather. Women’s Travel Bag with Detachable Leather Strap. They also have spacious bedrooms with blackout curtains and a built-in phone port in the front.

Contact: 0729829697

7. Le style parfait Kenya

Lestyleparfait is an online bag store that sells almost every type of bag you can dream of. Their luggage is sourced from others locally, so it’s more expensive than other stores. A piece of luggage can range from Ksh 3000 to Ksh 6000 depending on the style and fabric.

8. kings Collection

King Collection is one of the leading players in the clothing industry because it offers affordable and fashionable products for the retail clothing market. Kings collection offers a collection of different types of bags ranging from school bags, sports bags, shoulder bags, toilet bags, camera bags, cooler bags, waterproof bags, pencil bags, laptop bags, cloth bags, bags travel to name a few. .

All their bags have unique and famous logos, so don’t fall for fake bags sold under the King Collection name.

Contact: 0720203333 / 0733647444


9. Sweech Shop

It is an online store that mainly sells electronics, car accessories, fashion accessories for men and women, laptop bags, bags and wallets, travel bags and bags.


10. impact kenya

Impact Kenya is also an online store and branded company that sells bags, bottles and glasses, gifts, home decor, office supplies, electronics and appliances.

Contact: 0722710481/0737788130