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top 8 best Barber Shops and Salons in Pangani

top 8 best Barber Shops and Salons in Pangani

This article is about top 8 best Barber Shops and Salons in Pangani. Beauty and hygiene are essential aspects in every person’s life and often go hand in hand. For convenience, many people run beauty salons, hair salons, and spa businesses under one roof. Furthermore, these companies provide sanitation services and promote the economy of the area in which they operate. 

  • As well as creating job opportunities for local talent, they also provide an ideal platform for people to share development ideas while some wait their turn. 
  • However, many people would appreciate having access to these services close to their residential areas or place of work. 

For the residents of Starehe constituency, check out these amazing hairdressers and salons in Pangani. 

1. Jb Curtz

Jb Curtz is an average barber shop in Pangani who is famous for his excellent and timely services. It is where you can get your hair done fast without waiting as there is no congestion. In addition, it has an experienced, thoughtful and attentive barber dedicated to providing the best casual or official haircut styles for customer satisfaction. 

Location: PRMR+PQM, Nairobi

Working hours: 8:00 – 21:00 (every day)

2. Unisex Barbers

Unisex Barbers is a hair salon in Pangani along Juja road and is an ideal destination for exquisite styles for men and women. With its high standard; of hygiene and strategic location, this barber shop attracts many customers within Pangani and nearby districts. 

Furthermore, it has polite and enthusiastic assistants, making it suitable for children. In addition to general hygiene, Unisex invests in real antiseptics and skincare products to protect you from potential post-shave rashes. The best part is, you can pop in anytime for a no-reservation haircut. In addition, it offers the most convenient rates for customers in the area.

Location: PRJV+876, Mukunga, Nairobi

Working hours: 9:00-19:00 (Monday to Saturday)

3. abe barber

Abe Hairdresser is popular among many locals as a medium sized barber shop in Pangani with top notch services. Plus, he also runs a hair salon with the best stylists in the neighborhood. It uses the best hairdressers in the area and believes in customer satisfaction. 

In order to offer value for money, Abe’s Barbers allow you to choose your haircut style and take their time to provide you with your exact request. Also, you are not at risk of skin infection as it has the best aftershave products. Make Abe’s Salon your next destination for one-of-a-kind hairdos.

Location: PRJR+98H, Nairobi

contacts: 0722 351436

Working hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Saturday). 9:00 – 20:00 (Sunday)

4.  Juja B Barbershop

Juja B Barbershop is located along Hombe Street and is home to all your dream haircuts. It has a team of experts who are eager to meet your exact request at fair prices. No need to book as it’s an uncongested barber shop. Plus, you can make it your family barbershop as it’s kid-friendly and has plenty of outdoor parking.

Location: PRHV+CQ3, Hombe Rd, Nairobi

5. Royal hair salon and spa

Royalty Hair Salon is one of the most convenient hair salons in Pangani, located along General Waruingi Road opposite Pumwani Maternity Hospital. Many stylish women recommend this spa for its exquisite services, friendly attendants, and reasonable prices when compared to many other salons nearby. Also, invest in the best quality products to deliver perfect results. Here is a list of services you can get at Royalty Beauty Salon.

  • applying henna
  • professional makeup
  • spa treatment
  • hairstyle and braid
  • Manicure and Pedicure

Plus, you can take advantage of frequent special offers at Royalty Hair Salon and Spa, Pangani. 

Location: Opposite Pumwani Maternity Hospital, General Waruingi Rd, Nairobi

contacts: 0722564459

Working hours: 9:00 to 21:00

6. Lipstick salon

Lipstick Salon is among the most popular hair and beauty salons in Pangani and has a wide market reach. It offers out of this world beauty services, haircuts and hairstyles that will set you apart from the crowd. Its strategic location between Northview Road and Thika Highway gives it the edge of many customers over other beauty salons. Furthermore, it also offers beauty services in addition to hairdressing.

Location: PRPQ+544, Underpass, Off Pangani, Thika Road, Nairobi

contacts: 0714 316525

7. Pangani health and beauty

It is a beauty salon along Northview Road that stocks all top brand hair and beauty products. Also, it has expert experts offering outstanding beauty styles and services. Thanks to its excellence and professionalism, it attracts customers not only from Pangani but also from far beyond. Also, it has a relaxing vibe that gives you a calm and peaceful experience that might make you want to come back. The attendants are also kind and friendly to the children.

Location: PRMR+M3P, Northview Rd, Nairobi

contacts: 0701200007

Working hours: 8:00 to 21:00

8. Dazzle Hair Beauty & Hairdresser

It is a multi-in-one salon offering a range of services under one roof at competitive prices. Besides being the favorite of many ladies for its elegant hairstyles, it also has professional hairdressers to achieve your dream haircut. It offers the following beauty services. 

  • facial treatments
  • Hair removal
  • Bridal and professional makeup.
  • Weaving and hairdressing
  • pedicures and manicures
  • Tanned
  • dreadlocks
  • Relaxing
  • Massages and all spa services

Many customers recommend this beauty salon for its professionalism and customer-focused service. Plus, it has comfortable seats so your experience is worthwhile while you wait your turn. It also has a large parking lot, which makes it more convenient. So if you have events that call for makeup artists, Dazzles Hair Beauty & Barber Shop will never let you down.

Location: PRMQ+WGJ, Northview Rd, Nairobi

contacts: 0728705882


Everyone appreciates excellent personal care and body care, especially when it comes to hair. Therefore, having a good hairdresser near you is every person’s desire. If you are a frequent visitor or live near Starehe, you can choose hairdressers and salons in Pangani, your destination, for fantastic hair care services.