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Elected MCAs In Migori County

Elected MCAs In Migori County 2023

This is the list of Elected MCAs In Migori County 2023 based on the 2022 general election.

  • Migori is one of the 6 constituencies of the former Nyanza region.
  • It covers an area of ​​2,586 square kilometers.
  • It has a total of 40 departments in its 8 districts.


An MCA is an elected representative of the registered voters in the local assembly. They represent electoral divisions called wards. The main task of the members of the state assembly is to bring the views and opinions of the voters to the regional assembly for discussion.

They are also responsible for local government services to the people.

MCAs are also members of the legislature.

Elected MCAs In Migori County

Ward MCA Party
North Kamagambo Osewe Collince Indp
Central Kamagambo Jacob Calebs ODM
East Kamagambo Simon Nyaoke ODM
South Kamagambo Collins Ochieng’ ODM
North Sakwa William Obonyo ODM
South Sakwa Edward Ooro ODM
West Sakwa Otieno Nestory Indp
Central Sakwa Esther Auma Indp
God Jope Onyando Charles ODM
Suna Central Samwel Obrien ODM
Kakrao Tobius Okelo ODM
Kwa Caleb Owuor ODM
Wiga Robert John ODM
Wasweta II Erickson Odhiambo Indp
Oruba- Ragana Beatrice Akomo ODM
Wasimbete Julius Otieno ODM
WestKanyamkago Peter Ochieng’ Indp
NorthKanyamkago George Okinyi ODM
CentralKanyamkago Eunice Apiyo ODM
SouthKanyamkago Graham Kagali ODM
EastKanyamkago Norman Otieno ODM
Kachieng Brian Odhiambo Indp
Kanyasa Paul Ndiege UPIA
North Kadem Samson Olima ODM
MacalderKanyarwanda Felix Odiambo ODM
Kaler Thomas Omondi Indp
Got Kachola Seko Calvine ODM
Muhuru Lawrence Magubo Jeremiah ODM
Bukira East David Chacha ODM
Bukiracentral/Ikerege Gimasejohnson Indp
Isibania Piusichobwe Naymohanga ODM
Makerero Patrick Marwa Jubilee
Masaba Mohonoclackson Mwita KANU
Tagare Moses Magwe Jubilee
Nyamosense/Ko mosoko Joseph Rioba UDA
Gokeharaka / Getambwega Joseph Bageni ODM
Ntimaru West Caleb Philip ODM
Ntimaru East James Wansima PPOK
Nyabasi East Maroa Nyamohanga PPOK
Nyabasi West Sarara David PPOK

MCA Salaries in Kenya

According to a recent gazette notice by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC),

  • an MCA earns a salary of Ksh 144,375 per month. This includes
  • a basic salary of Ksh 86,625,
  • a house allowance of Ksh 45,000 and
  • a market adjustment of Ksh 12,750.
MCA Salaries in Kenya 
Basic Salary Ksh 86,625
House Allowance Ksh 45,000
Market Adjustment Ksh 12,750
Total Salary Per Month Ksh 144,375