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Elected MCAs In Migori County

Elected MCAs In Migori County 2023

This is the list of Elected MCAs In Migori County 2023 based on the 2022 general election.

  • Migori is one of the 6 constituencies of the former Nyanza region.
  • It covers an area of ​​2,586 square kilometers.
  • It has a total of 40 departments in its 8 districts.


An MCA is an elected representative of the registered voters in the local assembly. They represent electoral divisions called wards. The main task of the members of the state assembly is to bring the views and opinions of the voters to the regional assembly for discussion.

They are also responsible for local government services to the people.

MCAs are also members of the legislature.

Elected MCAs In Migori County

North KamagamboOsewe CollinceIndp
Central KamagamboJacob CalebsODM
East KamagamboSimon NyaokeODM
South KamagamboCollins Ochieng’ODM
North SakwaWilliam ObonyoODM
South SakwaEdward OoroODM
West SakwaOtieno NestoryIndp
Central SakwaEsther AumaIndp
God JopeOnyando CharlesODM
Suna CentralSamwel ObrienODM
KakraoTobius OkeloODM
KwaCaleb OwuorODM
WigaRobert JohnODM
Wasweta IIErickson OdhiamboIndp
Oruba- RaganaBeatrice AkomoODM
WasimbeteJulius OtienoODM
WestKanyamkagoPeter Ochieng’Indp
NorthKanyamkagoGeorge OkinyiODM
CentralKanyamkagoEunice ApiyoODM
SouthKanyamkagoGraham KagaliODM
EastKanyamkagoNorman OtienoODM
KachiengBrian OdhiamboIndp
KanyasaPaul NdiegeUPIA
North KademSamson OlimaODM
MacalderKanyarwandaFelix OdiamboODM
KalerThomas OmondiIndp
Got KacholaSeko CalvineODM
MuhuruLawrence Magubo JeremiahODM
Bukira EastDavid ChachaODM
IsibaniaPiusichobwe NaymohangaODM
MakereroPatrick MarwaJubilee
MasabaMohonoclackson MwitaKANU
TagareMoses MagweJubilee
Nyamosense/Ko mosokoJoseph RiobaUDA
Gokeharaka / GetambwegaJoseph BageniODM
Ntimaru WestCaleb PhilipODM
Ntimaru EastJames WansimaPPOK
Nyabasi EastMaroa NyamohangaPPOK
Nyabasi WestSarara DavidPPOK

MCA Salaries in Kenya

According to a recent gazette notice by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC),

  • an MCA earns a salary of Ksh 144,375 per month. This includes
  • a basic salary of Ksh 86,625,
  • a house allowance of Ksh 45,000 and
  • a market adjustment of Ksh 12,750.
MCA Salaries in Kenya 
Basic SalaryKsh 86,625
House AllowanceKsh 45,000
Market AdjustmentKsh 12,750
Total Salary Per MonthKsh 144,375