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how to change existing nhif membership

how to change existing nhif membership

If you want to know how to change existing NHIF membership, this article is for you.

Members registered with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) can change the beneficiaries of their card.

By amendment, a person can decide to include his wife, husband, newborn child etc.

Provision of this service is available at any NHIF office or Huduma Center in Kenya.

how to change existing nhif membership

  • NHIF number
  • Original ID
  • A duly filed amendment document
  • Applicable documents attached
  • Relevant documents are attached

Point of Information:

  1. Registering a partner for the first time even when a member is registered, an identity document for
    Wanted partner and wife.
  2. To change the name of a spouse, the following documents will be required:
  • A copy of the member’s and partner’s ID
  • Marriage certificate/affidavit from the trial court
  • Death certificate (if spouse is deceased)
  • Divorce certificate (if you are divorced)

Visit your nearest NHIF branch

Contact for questions about changing NHIF membership

Huduma Center: +254 (020) 6900020

NHIF: 0800 720 601, (020) 2723255/56, (020) 2714793/94, (020) 2722527