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Kenya Bankers Sacco branches and their contacts

Kenya Bankers Sacco branches and their contacts

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:21 pm

These are the Kenya Bankers Sacco branches and their contacts. They operate 8 branches across Kenya, but this number could grow.

It is a Sacco depository that was established in 1975 initially to serve employees in the banking industry.

With capital assets of Ksh 8.58 billion, Kenya Bankers Sacco is the 18th largest depository institution in the country.

The Sacco’s head office is located at the Kenya Bankers Center along 3rd Ngong Avenue in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

Some of the services offered at these branches include opening savings accounts, deposits and withdrawals, processing payments, ATMs, applying for loans, disbursing loans, and money transfer services. and bank financing.

Kenya Bankers Sacco Branches and Contacts

1. Kenya Bankers Sacco Head Office

Location: Kenya Bankers Centre, 3rd Ngong Avenue, off Ngong Road, Nairobi.

Phone: 020 5146 500, 0205146560


2. Kenyatta Avenue / Nairobi Branch 

Location: Kenyatta Avenue, Phoenix Hse, 2nd Floor

Phone: 020 225 0383


3. Mombasa Branch

Location: Moi Avenue, Jubilee Insurance Building, 2nd Floor

Phone: 020 5146567


4. Kisumu Branch

Location: Kisumu Re-insurance Plaza, 7th Floor

Phone: 020 5146562


5. South Rift Branch 


Location:  Gibcon Hse, 3rd Floor, Room 307

Phone: 020 5146564



Phone: 020 5146569

6. Kakamega Branch 

Location: Mega Mall Building 2nd floor

Phone: 020 5146571


7. Nyeri Branch

Location: Lymo Plaza, Gakere Road 3rd Floor

Phone: 020 5146568


8. Meru Branch

Location: Standard Bank, Moi Avenue, 1st Floor

Phone: 020 8030419