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Kenyan passport fees

Kenyan passport fees

This article is about Kenyan passport fees. Applying for a Kenyan e-passport has been made easy and convenient using the E-Citizen account. Notably, a Kenyan e-passport comes with some charges. An e-passport contains a microchip that stores the passport holder’s information. Explosives facilitate customs clearance at ports of entry and exit. So don’t let travel get in the way of your travel dreams. This is a simple Kenyan passport fees breakdown according to the Department of Immigration.

Kenyan passport fees

Kenyan passport fees are as follows:

how much is a 34 page kenyan passport?

34 pages – KES 4550

how much is a 50 page kenyan passport?

50 pages – KES 6050

how much is a 66 page kenyan passport?

66 pages – KES 7550

how much is an east african passport?

East African Passport – KES 990

how much is a diplomatic passport?

Diplomatic passport (48 pages) – KES 7550

how much does it cost to replace a damaged passport?

Damaged passport – KES 10,050

how much does it cost to replace a lost passport?

Lost passport KES – 12,050

kenyan passport fees breakdown

Type of Passport/ApplicationType of PassportNumber of pages
1Ordinary passportsA Series (34 Pages)Kes. 4,550.00
B Series (50 pages)Kes. 6,050.00
C Series (66 pages)Kes 7,550.00
2Diplomatic passportsKes. 7,550.00
3Mutilated passportKes. 10,050.00
4Lost passportsKes. 12,050.00
5Certificate of Identity (for Foreigners)Kes. 3,050.00
6Temporary permitKes. 350

How to apply for a Kenyan epassport

  • Create an E-Citizen account
  • Complete the online application form.
  • Submit and upload required documents.
  • Pay the bills listed. From 4550 KES depending on the number of pages
  • Make every appointment for compliance with biometrics
  • Go to your biometrics appointment and wait for your passport

When submitting, you will need the following:

  • Passport Form E-Citizen Passport and Three Receipts.
  • Birth certificate and original photograph.
  • Original and copy of national identity card (identity document).
  • Three current passport photos.
  • A copy of the sponsor’s identity card.
  • Confirmation letter for children. (Under 18 years)
  • Old passport if you are replacing it.
  • Parent’s National Identity Card and Print.

Once your application is submitted to the immigration office, it will take at least 15 working days to receive your first passport.

For more information or clarification, contact the Department of Immigration.

Department of Immigration contact info

Phone contacts: +254 110-923422, +254 110-923423