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Linda Mama Hospitals In Siaya County

Linda Mama Hospitals In Siaya County

This article is about Linda Mama hospitals in Siaya County. Linda Mama is a free NHIF health insurance coverage for pregnant women in Kenya. The program was launched in 2016 to improve access to and quality of maternity care in Kenya.

Linda Mama covers four visits for antenatal care, delivery, postnatal care, pregnancy conditions and complications, and childcare during a one-year period.

Pregnant mothers in Siaya County can access free maternity care at the Linda Mama hospitals listed here.

Linda Mama Hospitals In Siaya County

  Hospital NHIF Branch
1. Bondo Medical Centre Siaya
2. Divine Mercy Aluor Health Centre Siaya
3. Dophil Nursing & Maternity Home Siaya
4. Homeground Medical Centre Siaya
5. Inuka Hospital Siaya
6. Inuka Nursing Home Siaya
7. Matangwe Community Medical Centre Siaya
8. Matibabu Hosptial Siaya
9. Ngiya Health Centre Siaya
10. Owens Maternity & Nursing Home Siaya
11. Queenteric Kapiyo Community Siaya
12. Rangala Mission Hospital Siaya
13. Sagam Community Hospital Siaya
14. Sega Cottage Hospital Siaya
15. St. Elizabeth Hospital Lwak Siaya
16. St.Annes Nyangoma Dispensary Siaya
17. St.Annes Sega Mission Hospital Siaya
18. St.Vincent De Pauls Health Centre Siaya
19. World Youth International Mama Ann Odede Siaya

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