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list of 5 star hotels in nairobi

list of 5 star hotels in nairobi

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:04 pm

This is a list of all 5 star hotels in Nairobi. The 5-star hotel offers its customers high-quality services in modern facilities.

A recent survey by the Kenya Tourism Authority (TRA) revealed that there are only ten hotels in Nairobi with five highly rated hotels

1Villa Rosa Kempinski NairobiChiromo Road
2Hemingways NairobiMbagathi Ridge
3Sankara NairobiWoodvale Grove
4Fairmont The NorfolkHarry Thuku Road
5Tribe HotelLimuru Road
6Sarova StanleyJunction Of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street
7Radisson BluElgon Road
8Dusit D214 Riverside Drive
9InterContinentalCity Hall Way
10The BomaRedcross Road,off Popo Road

requirements for joining the list of 5 star hotels in nairobi

  1. The restaurant is open seven days a week all year round.
  2. Improved functionality, eg. valet parking, room porter, busy table service at the bar and lounge and breakfast, concierge service, 24-hour reception, 24-hour room service, A perfect afternoon tea.
  3. At least one restaurant, open to residents and non-residents, for all meals seven days a week.

4.All rooms have en-suite bathroom with WC, bath and thermostatic shower.

5. Choice of public environment that is large enough to allow personal space.

6. Other institutions, eg. second meal, entertainment, business center, spa, etc.

7.A number of permanent luxury suites are available.

8. The buildings, their fixtures, furniture, fixtures and exterior and interior are maintained in a good state of cleanliness.

9.The reception is open 24 hours a day with a sufficient number of qualified staff to avoid any delays to customers.

10. Guests arriving are greeted immediately outside the hotel door. Valet service is provided.

11. There is no change section when arriving from outside the hotel’s air door.

  1. All guests were ushered into the room by a very talented staff member.
  2. Guests provided information about important hotels and accommodations from travelers.
  3. Baggage is controlled by the hotel staff from the arrival of guests outside until it is delivered to the room quickly. One characteristic of repetitive work in the beginning.

15.Secure short term storage bag and receipt provided.

16. Cycling service (minimum one day) and laundry service return 24 hours.

  1. Locker service (clothes storage) and receipt provided.
  2. All information is carefully typed and typed in an envelope
  3. At least one restaurant, open to residents and non-residents, for all meals seven days a week.
  4. Excellent quality table selection.
  5. Well organized staff and management presence. The hotel is always staffed.
  6. Breakfast at least three hours

23.A full range of excellent quality hot and cold plates. Examples may include fruit and fresh fruit juices, cold cuts and cheeses, free-range eggs, regional specialties, fresh fish and many bakeries and pastries, specialty food products and hot meals. is interesting.

  1. Where to eat, the help is very high.
  2. Last order for dinner is not before 10 p.m.
  3. A variety of dishes of unusual quality.
  4. All meals, including all room service, are prepared with exquisite craftsmanship using fresh produce. Quality food meets high international standards.
  5. Miscellaneous beverages, including wine and liquor.
  6. Hot food and hot and cold food are available to residents of public areas 24 hours a day.

30.Full afternoon tea is available.

31-hour room service of hot and cold food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages

  1. Domestic work ordered, delivered and disposed of in an efficient and effective manner without affecting other works.
  2. Excellent intrinsic quality and condition, and a luxury standard of furniture, furniture, flooring, bedding and decorations.
  3. Low internal and external noise. It can be achieved by using double glazing, beautiful structural insulation and spacious rooms.
  4. Bedding, including the duvet cover (even if the top sheet is installed), is changed at least every two days and for each new customer.
  5. Rooms are prepared before guests arrive – perhaps including setting the room temperature to the right time of year, making the room comfortable, closing the curtains and turning on the lights during the dark hours.
  6. Evening care services are provided and advertised – possibly including some of the following services: bed linens, linens, curtains, linens, remove trays housekeeping.
  7. All the rooms are well organized according to the needs of the guest whether it is business or leisure. More space will be expected when using a temporary bed or sofa bed.
  8. A bed for one person is more than 90 cm / 3 feet wide.
  9. A double bed must be at least 153 cm / 5 feet wide. Most beds will exceed this size.
  10. Beds and chairs of good quality and good condition.
  11. A thermostatic heating controller works 24 hours a day.
  12. Fans provided in hot weather when no cooling air is provided.
  13. Good lighting status
  1. The light in the room is controlled from the side of the bed.
  2. ​​Window shutters provide total blackout
  3. Quality Window Treatments
  4. In the land of excellent beauty and beauty in all situations.
  5. All furniture, fixtures and fittings are in good condition and in good condition.
  6. A full or straight coat rack with plenty of hangers is handy. Fire in the cabinet provided.
  7. A comfortable arm chair plus another comfortable chair and dressing table / writing desk – for one room.
  8. Additional audiovisual options provided as well as terrestrial channels eg. home channels, CD, DVD or video library, satellite, cable and PlayStation
  9. A minimum of two direct phone lines – one at the bedside and one at the desk/vanity. Customers can call various services of the hotel.
  10. Attention to the matter of many languages ​​and visual objects.

55.All rooms have en-suite bathroom with WC, bath and thermostatic shower. 56. All bathrooms are comfortable and in good condition, offering easy-to-use facilities and expensive standards of bedding, flooring and accessories. 57.Excellent light power in general, especially in the mirror area.

  1. Excellent heating, ventilation and extraction
  2. A wide range of bedding including bath towels, bed linens and bath towels are comfortable and convenient.
  3. Luxury toiletries (eg hand soap, body wash, shampoo, gels, lotions, body lotions etc.).
  4. Furniture, fixtures and fittings of good quality and condition, providing the perfect standard of luxury.
  5. Other facilities such as high school catering, entertainment, business center, spa.
  6. An elevator is required when there is a guest house that is more than three floors higher or lower than the entry level, ie on the fourth floor. It is planned that elevators will serve all floors of the building. There must be separate elevators for hotel services such as luggage, laundry and housekeeping. If there is no lift, this should be clearly stated at the time of booking.
  7. All residential areas are comfortable and in good condition, with adequate proportions and well-planned layouts to provide privacy and privacy for guests. Different types of seats are expected.

65. Restaurants should have enough space around them to allow a high level of privacy and freedom of movement.

66. Wide and spacious corridors and stairs allow freedom of movement for customers and service trolleys.

  1. Liability insurance is provided. A receipt is provided.
  2. Corridor and stairs are lit.
  3. Spacious, luxurious and mostly clean rooms with amenities such as individual towels, high-quality toiletries and toiletries.
  4. A covered space where any dwelling is separated from the main building. This may include chauffeured transportation or a guide with an umbrella provided.