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How To Be An Airtel Money Agent In Kenya

How To Be An Airtel Money Agent In Kenya

This article is about how to be an Airtel Money Agent In Kenya. In today’s digital age, mobile money services have transformed the way people conduct financial transactions. Airtel Money by Airtel is one such service. It is Kenya’s second largest mobile money service after Mpesa by market share and provides Kenyans with a convenient and secure way to manage their finances. This is done through deposits, transfers and cash withdrawals. Airtel Money has agents spread across the country to facilitate transactions. These agents are paid a commission for each completed transaction.

If you are interested in becoming an Airtel Money agent in Kenya, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps and requirements needed to get started.

Airtel Money Agent Requirements

To ensure the quality and reliability of its agent network, Airtel has set a number of requirements for aspiring agents. These requirements vary depending on the structure of your business:

Requirements for individual businesses or associations

  • Certified copy of company name registration.
  • Certified copy of your KRA PIN certificate.
  • Passport-sized color photo of the owner or owners of the business.
  • Copy of a valid business license.
  • Copy of accredited VAT certificate, if applicable.
  • Functional business email address.
  • At least Ksh 15,000 operational fleet per departure. Presence of at least one and maximum two points of sale.
  • ID or passport of the holder or holders.
  • Download the Airtel Money Retail Establishment Application Form from the Airtel Kenya official website and fill it with accurate details.

Requirements for limited liability companies

  • Certified copy of VAT certificate, if applicable.
  • Certified deed of incorporation of the company.
  • Copy of a certified KRA PIN certificate.
  • Copy of a valid business license.
  • Functional business email address.
  • Copies of the DNI or passport of at least two directors.
  • At least Ksh 15,000 operational float for each establishment.
  • Presence of at least one or two sales points.
    Color passport photographs of at least two directors.
  • Download the Airtel Money Retail Establishment Application Form and fill it completely.

Airtel Money application

Now that you know the requirements, let’s delve into the application process to become an Airtel Money agent:

  • Visit Airtel Kenya retail store or reseller: Start by visiting an Airtel Kenya retail store or reseller near you. Ask the staff for an Airtel money agent application form.
  • Complete the application form: Complete the application form with accurate and relevant information. Check the details twice to ensure precision.
  • Attach the requested documents: attach all the necessary documents as described in the specific requirements for the type of activity. These documents validate your eligibility and credibility.
  • Submit your application: Send the completed application form and accompanying documents to the Airtel Kenya retail store or distributor where you obtained the form. Wait for feedback: After submission, please wait patiently for feedback from Airtel Kenya. The application review process may take several weeks.
  • Notification of outcome: You will be notified of the outcome of your application via the telephone number provided on the application form. This notification will let you know if your request was successful.

Airtel Money Contact

Telephone number: dial 100 or 0733 100 100

Customer Service Email Address: