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list of central bank of kenya branches in Kenya

List of all Central bank branches in Kenya

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In this article, we will look at a list of all Central Bank of Kenya branches in Kenya (CBK) and their contacts. The Central Bank of Kenya is the monetary authority of Kenya.

It plays a very important role in ensuring the financial stability of the country.

CBK was established by an Act of Parliament on March 24, 1966 and opened to the public on September 14, 1966.

It was created after the dissolution of the East African Currency Board (EACB).

The bank’s head office is located along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi.

Some of the main functions of the Central Bank of Kenya include:

  1. Issuing Kenyan currency and ensuring that the currency is free of counterfeits, clean and fit for circulation.
    Design and implementation of monetary policies that promote price stability.
  2. Improve liquidity, solvency and stability of the banking sector.
    Providing banking services to governments, commercial banks and other financial institutions.
  3. Licensing, regulation and supervision of financial institutions such as commercial banks, microfinance institutions, exchange offices and representative offices of foreign banks.
    Management of financial and economic transfers.
  4. Management of issues and redemption of bank debt and bonds.
  5. Economic and financial analysis.

List of all Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) branches

  1. Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Headquarters

Location: Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi

Telephone: +254 20 2861000, +254 709 081 000, +254 709 083 000.

2. Branch in Mombasa

Residence: Nkrumah Road, Mombasa

Contact: +254 41 2121000

  1. Kisumu Branch

Location: Jomo Kenyatta Highway, Kisumu

Contact: +254 57 2050000

  1. Eldoret Branch

Location: Uganda Road, Eldoret

Contact: +254 53 2033325

  1. Branch Nyeri

Location: Commercial Bank of Kenya Building, Kenyatta Street, Nyeri

Contact: +254 61 2030779

  1. Nakuru Branch

Location: George Morara Street, Nakuru

Contact: +254 51 2210711

7. Meru Branch

Location: Cooperative Bank, Njuri Security Street, Meru

Contact: +254 64-3132200

  1. Kisii branch

Venue: Absa Bank Building in front of Kisii County Government Office

list of central bank of kenya branches in Kenya