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top 10 Best Auto Glass Repair Companies In Kenya

top 10 Best Auto Glass Repair Companies In Kenya

This article is about some of the top 10 Best Auto Glass Repair Companies In Kenya. This list focuses on companies/suppliers that provide quality and affordable repair and replacement services for windshields, door glass, side glass, rear glass and other types of car glass.

Best Auto Glass Repair Companies In Kenya

Here is a list of the best auto glass repair companies in Kenya

1. Kar Glass Kenya

Kar Glass Kenya sets the standard of quality in auto glass repair and replacement, hassle-free and convenient to your site.

They also manufacture windshields, rear windows, door mirrors, side mirrors, sunroofs and heavy duty glass.

Location: Arcade Building, Ground Floor, Off Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

Contact: 0114 230 643.

2. Impala Glass

It is one of the most trusted companies in Kenya offering same day replacement and repair services for windows, door glass, side glass, home glass and that glass.

Location: Addis Ababa Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Callers: 0786 606 052, 0786 444 401.

3. Liberty Auto Mart Ltd

The company offers quality auto glass and windshield replacement services, window sales, and wall glass when and where you need them.

Location: Star Light Building, off Thika Road.

Callers: 0799 214 974, 0715 255 377.

4. Windshield masters

Windscreen Masters are proud auto glass repair specialists, suppliers and retailers of high quality and affordable auto glass.

Location: Hippora Business Center, Karen.

Callers: 0742 371 837, 0722 912 927.

5. Blaze Windscreen Cracks Repair

They also do car windshield wipers, permanent headlights, car alarms and music system installation.

Location: Rabai Road, Off Jogoo Road, Next to Metropolitan Hospital, Nairobi.

6. Fuyao Auto Glass

Fuyao Auto Glass is a well-known auto glass repair, replacement and sales company.

This includes the windshield, side mirrors, sunroof and rear window.

Location: Ground Floor, Plessy House, Baricho Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0722 110 868.

7. Greenshield Mania Ltd.

Greenshield Mania is an auto window/glass repair and replacement business for all vehicles in Nairobi.

Location: 28 Factory Street, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 0796 786 203.

8. Glasstech & Interiors Ltd

Glasstech and Interiors is a privately registered company specializing in the repair and replacement of cars and homes.

They supply and repair car mirrors in Kenya.

Location: Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0798 079 979.

9. Kylin automotive glass

The company has deployed technicians to provide quality air conditioner repair and replacement services in Nairobi and surrounding areas.

Callers: 0717 335 344, 0733 312 345.

10. FairDeal Railways

They are specialists in windshield installation and repair based in Mombasa.

Contact: 0727 861 141.