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top Best Private Primary Schools In South B

top Best Private Primary Schools In South B

This article is about of the top best primary schools in South B, the central region and one of the best areas to live in Nairobi.

The area has a few successful private primary schools that provide quality education in an environment conducive to learning. In no particular order, here is a list of the best elementary schools in South B

Best Private Primary Schools In South B

St Bakhita School

St Bakhita School is a leading institution for children since 2003. This is a private school that offers CBC and 8-4-4 programs. These two programs form an integrated educational system by providing comprehensive education.

This school offers a comprehensive education system that develops children’s ability to become well-rounded, strong and productive members of society.

Location: Near Highway High School.

Contact: 0740 122 738/0701 143 394.

Diamond Junior Schoo

Diamond Junior School provides a supportive environment with the necessary resources to take children through a skills-based curriculum and 8-4-4.

The school strives to provide children with an enriching learning experience that not only equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed academically, but also supports their personal growth and development.

Location: Executive Housing Estate.

Callers: 0715 391 187/ 0113 592 264.

Little Hearts Kindergarten

Little Hearts Kindergarten was established in 1999. It follows the guidelines set by the Department of Education for a competency-based curriculum as defined under the core curriculum while incorporating elements of the Montessori method that has been the school’s main characteristic for the past 23 years.

Location: Near Daldal Road.

Contact: 0704 152 832.

Ark Junior School

Ark Junior School provides a comprehensive education in a happy, safe and nurturing learning environment in which all school members can develop their confidence and reach their highest potential.

This school works for an integrated curriculum that encourages children to accept challenges and realize their God-given potential.

Callers: 0713 769 176/0728 676 000.