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top 10 Best Conference Venues In Thika

top 10 Best Conference Venues In Thika

This article is about the top 10 best conference venues in Thika city. Thika is an urban and major commercial center in Kiambu County.

Thika home to many world-class companies that offer modern conference facilities at affordable prices.

Best Conference Venues In Thika

In no particular order, here is a list of the best conference venues in Thika.

1. Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre

Mwai Kibaki Convention Center is a multi-million convention center located at Mount Kenya University, Thika. It has the capacity to accommodate 2,000 people on its 3 levels at a time.

Callers: 0709 153 000/ 0722 999 399/ 020 287 8000.

2. Ukombozi Retreat and Conference Center

Ukombozi Retreat & Conference Center is Thika’s most exciting conference venue. Its setting is ideal for gatherings, and a quiet place for rest and relaxation after a hard day’s work.

Location: Ndarugo, near Juja.

Contact: 0733 982 076.

3. Edgewood Country Place

Edgewood Country Place is an event venue in Thika, with excellent facilities for conferences, weddings, parties and group home events.

Location: Off Gatanga Road, near Ndururumo Police Station.

Contact: 0720 097 604.

4. The Eton Hotel

The Eton Hotel is a place of tranquility and pure luxury. It has all the resources in one place that suits your organization, company and program.

Location: Kenyatta Highway, Thika Town.

Contact: 0202 597 196.

5. The Luke Hotel

Hotel Luke is a luxury hotel with well-designed meeting and conference rooms that can accommodate small and large conferences and meetings.

Location: Along Garissa Road.

Contact: 0725 354 864.

6. Paleo Hotel

Paleo Hotel offers a selection of conference and meeting rooms suitable for your type of meeting. Every project receives careful attention to detail to ensure the success of your organization.

Location: Thika House next door.

Contact: 0742 344 622.

7. Shuhan Hotel

Shuhan Hotel is a modern hotel with 5 conference rooms with a capacity of over 200 people. The rooms are ideal for organizing meetings, weddings, seminars and other social events.

Location: Near Birmingham Road off Kenyatta Highway.

Contact: 0700 005 705.

8. The RBM Retreat Center

The RBM Retreat Center offers full rooms with a capacity of 200 people and training rooms for small groups.

Location: Along the Thika-Matuu road.

Contact: 0790 309 333.

9. Veska Park

Veska Park is a great place to organize conferences, weddings, all kinds of parties and group events at affordable prices.

Location: Avant la Shell Muguga station.

Callers: 0724 407 862/ 0716 738 292.

10. hotel Bulleys

Hotel Bulleys is a 3 star hotel in a tranquil environment suitable for gatherings, refreshing and luxurious accommodation in well-equipped and spacious rooms.

Location: Off Bulleys Road.

Contact: 0112 054 775.