7 May, Tuesday
top 10 best event security providers in Kenya

top 10 best event security providers in Kenya

These are some of the top 10 best event security providers in Kenya. Planning an event in Kenya is no joke, especially when it comes to security.

Any event planner should pay more attention to security to ensure that guests and property are safe and the event runs smoothly.

This can be achieved by using the services of a professional event security company.

best event security providers in Kenya

In no particular order, here is a list of the best event planners in Kenya.

1. G4S

G4S has over 25 years of experience providing crowd management and security services to the event market. Their experience spans live music, sports, conferences, exhibitions and community events.

They provide high-quality security and maintenance services and efficient management.

Callers: 0711 042 000, 0732 172 000.

2. Twenty-four security services

The company provides security services for everything from small private events to full service and large national events. They ensure that your program runs smoothly and efficiently.

Contact: 0700 666 777.


3. Maximum security

Advanced Security provides clients with proven programmatic security solutions. It uses a dedicated team of professionals to monitor, manage and assemble the crowd and security systems to ensure the success of the program. Contact: 0768 493 020.


4. Safezone Protect Limited

Safezone offers comprehensive event security services from site security checks, access control, crowd sourcing to exit control plans.

Callers: 0705 177 981, 0780 663 615.

5. Mocam security

The company provides reliable security solutions for all your events, meetings and services, to ensure that your guests are safe from risks, damages and costs.

Callers: 0722 611 655, 020 268 8100.


6. Lavington Security Ltd.

They provide comprehensive event security services for all your events. They are available 24/7 nationwide and pride themselves on understanding your needs and delivering as promised.

Callers: 0722 455 605, 0722 139 212.


7. Stallion Safety Group

They are one of the leading independent event security and crowdfunding agencies in Kenya. They provide the best security, safety and risk management solutions using the highest quality staff.

Callers: 0734 094 915, 0780 668 080.


8. Security 24

Security 24 offers expertise in all areas of security, with staff available for full-time, temporary or emergency insurance.

Contact: 0721 325 902.


9. Acumen Security Group

It is a privately owned security company that provides 24/7 event security management, security audits, security audits and consulting services.

Callers: 0715 139 050, 0732 363 232.


10. Pearson Perkins Security

Pearson Perkins offers the best event security, with experienced security staff well trained to handle all of your event security needs to ensure your event runs smoothly and safely.

Callers: 0741 940 380, 0799 049 114.