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This article is about top 10 best ITALIAN CUISINE RESTAURANTS IN NAIROBI Kenya. Amazing Italian cuisine represents a long culinary tradition from the better part of Europe and there is no better way to understand Italian culture than through famous traditional dishes.

Nairobi has a few Italian restaurants that care about serving you amazing Italian pasta and good pizza.


These are some of my favorite CUISINE RESTAURANTS in Nairobi that will make you feel comfortable and warm.

1.) Solo Grano

Solo Grano is an Italian artisan pizzeria located in Gigiri Lane Craft Center.

Solo Grano believes in good ingredients for good pizza.

Solo Grano has a reputation for making unmistakably delicious Italian pizzas using a blend of locally sourced ingredients from suppliers and farmers from Kenya to Italy.

Their meals range from Kshs. 150 to Kshs.2000 and a reservation is your best bet.

2.)La Terrazza

La Terrazza Italian Restaurant, Lounge and Art Gallery is located on the 4th floor of Greenhouse Shopping Center along Ngong Road.

La Terrazza offers a unique Italian experience with delicious finger food and guests also have the opportunity to visit the beautiful museum while enjoying delicious and delicious Italian cuisine combined with wine from the heart of Italy.

La Terrazza is located on the roof and offers panoramic views of the beautiful Kilimani region under the night sky.

They offer delicious Italian salads, pastas, ravioli, lasagna, risotto, pizzas and Italian desserts.

They are open from 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm every day and deliver free to all cities.

3.) La Cascina

La Cascina is an Italian restaurant located in Karen, The Hub.

La Casina is best known for its lasagna and feta and vegetable pizza.

La Cascina operates from 9:30am to 10:00pm daily and their food ranges from Kshs. 450 ruo Ksh. 2000.

They also serve breakfast and have a special offer of bombolino and babyccino for Kshs. 280.

I went there once for dessert which I loved.

La Cascina’s red fruit millefogile is nothing less than a chef’s kiss.


La Dolce Vita is located at 3rd Muthaiga Mall, Limuru Road Nairobi.

La Dolce Vita was founded in 2011 thanks to the experience and skills of chef Riccardo Fiora, a true Tuscan who lived in Kenya.

Chef Riccardo manages to combine elegance, beauty and fine dining, with an undeniable Italian style.

The food at La Dolce is the perfect balance of quality, comfort and delicious food with homemade pasta, seafood, meat dishes and many other delicious things.

La Dolce Vita pizza is cooked in a wood-fired brick oven and has a wonderful selection of over 100 hand-picked Italian wines and delicious desserts.

They are open from 12 pm to 10:30 pm every day.

5.)Gogol’s Pizza

Gogol’s Pizza is a charming pizzeria located in Loresho Old Mall, Nairobi, serving freshly made Italian pizzas with an Italian touch in a warm Nairobi atmosphere.

It’s the latest craze in town and their pizza is to die for. Gogol’s pizzas are also known for their handmade pasta and pasta sauces.

They have a special food section that lists six of their favorite foods.

Gogol Pizza food products range from Kshs. 100 to Ksh.1600.

Gogol Pizza is usually full so make a reservation before visiting them.

6.) hidden gem

A hidden gem is a little treasure in the middle of a changing Nairobi.

It is tucked away in Lavington Mall along Ngong Road and is a warm and welcoming Italian restaurant serving the best Italian food.

Hidden Gem’s decor is made of fabric that makes you feel like you’re walking down the streets of Italy.

They serve amazing food and have an amazing wine collection to match their great food.

Hidden Gem is open Monday to Sunday, and opening hours are 11 am to 3 am.

The hidden gem offers a well detailed menu with items from Kshs. 200 to Ksh. 3000.

7.) La Casa Di Nico Ristorante

La Casa Di Nico Ristorante is an Italian restaurant located in the city market.

La Casa is known for its wine bar filled with Italian wines and is also famous for its Italian wood oven pizzas, fresh pasta, fresh fish, healthy sandwiches and fresh salads and daily special menus.

La Casa Di Nico has a beautiful and quiet interior in rich wood and beautiful onyx panels that create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for artists who focus on their art and materials. who are in time to create a delicious and memorable dish.

Their ingredients are carefully selected with an emphasis on seasonality and proximity to their farms.

La Casa Di Nico also serves homemade gelato and delivers it to the comfort of your home.

Food from Kshs.750 to Kshs. 2200 and the bar goes up to Kshs. 15000.\


Bambino is a Latin-Italian joint located on the ground floor of West Building, Kungu Close, Off Parklands Road. Bambino serves Latin-Italian food at its best and at its best.

Bambino offers a variety of freshly prepared specialty foods in a casual atmosphere that includes elegant decor.

Bambino creates dishes that are as authentic and professional as combining new ingredients in a delicious way, always striving for good taste and freshness.

They are open Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 10pm and their menu has a wide range of items from Kshs. 650 to Ksh. 65,000.

9.)Matteo’s Restaurant Pizzeria

Matteo’s Restaurant Pizzeria is a restaurant specializing in authentic Italian food in Karen Nairobi.

Matteo serves artisan pizzas baked in authentic Italian wood fired ovens with the finest traditional ingredients in a garden setting.

They have a wonderful and full entertainment, perfect for gourmet meals with the family or the family that weekend and a green space for the children to play.

They are open from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm weekdays and weekends.

Matteo’s food products range from Kshs. 600 to Ksh. 2800 and making a reservation is highly recommended.

10.) Caffe Concerto

Caffe Concerto is located along Kirichwa Road, Kilimani in Kenya.

It has a cool atmosphere and is perfect for al fresco dining, especially at night.

Caffe Concerto offers fresh homemade Italian specialties.

Caffe Concerto offers a varied menu with appetizers, salads, pastas, risotto, pizzas and main dishes that include chicken, beef, lamb and seafood.

Caffe Concerto is open every day from 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm.