20 Jun, Thursday
TOP 10 best BURGER SPOTS IN NAIROBI kenya today

TOP 10 best BURGER SPOTS IN NAIROBI kenya today

This article is about top 10 best BURGER SPOTS IN NAIROBI Kenya today.

Who doesn’t appreciate a delicious, flavorful, lip-smacking burger that’s both cheesy and satisfying? Here is a list of my 10 favorite burgers (in no particular order) in Nairobi that I bet you will want to try.


1.) Uncle Nene’s

Uncle Nene’s serves up delicious burgers with seasoned fries and fresh coleslaw. Uncle Nene’s meal from Kshs. 700 to Ksh. 1250/=

They operate Monday through Saturday and offer delivery orders around 4pm as import orders close at 4:25pm daily.

My favorite burger from Uncle Nene’s is their beef, bacon and cheese burger.


Mama Rocks is the first in a fusion food line that marries American-style gourmet burgers with African flavors from all over Africa.

They serve African gourmet gourmet burgers with seasoned potato fries and a sauce of your choice.

Mama Rocks also gives you the option of choosing sweet potato or plantain fries, but at an extra cost. Mama Rocks offers pizzas, wings, fries, milkshakes and candies which are also unique creations on their menu.

Mama Rocks food products range from Kshs. 150/= ruo Ksh. 1000/=.

My favorite burger is the Mango Masai burger with sweet potato fries and only bold hot sauce.

3.)Bite Me Burgers

This is a charming little establishment run by Ediko Munga, which is reasonably priced and has a large enough menu to satisfy those serious burger cravings.

Bite Me Burgers is a delivery company that will get your order to you in no time.

It’s unique because Ediko Munga delivers burgers straight to your door.

For cheap hamburgers, fries and delivery in Nairobi, Bite Me Burgers is your best bet.

Bite Me Burgers operates from 10am to 8pm every day and orders can be made by text or phone on 0708699747.

My favorite burger is their cheeseburger. Keep treating yourself, you’ll love it.

4.) Urban Gourmet

Urban Gourmet takes the humble burger to a whole new level with mouth-watering flavors.

They serve 19 different, tasty and delicious burgers with different additions and toppings. Their bold burgers are served with fries, onion rings and coleslaw.

Customers can watch live games and major sporting events on their HD screens. Urban Burger has a double burger deal on Crazy Mondays, beer happy hour from 4-7 pm daily, 50% off steaks every Thursday, and ladies night on Wednesdays.

Urban Burger operates from 10am to 9pm daily and serves food from Kshs. 100/= ruo Ksh. 1590/=.

My favorite burger is the Santa Fe, it’s spicy and comes with avocado, yum.

5.)Bwibo Restaurant

Bwibo Restaurant is a new company from cloud kitchen to physical space. It is a casual restaurant run by the lovely Vanessa Bwibo.

Vanessa Bwibo has a passion for food and it shows well through her business and career.

Bwibo Restaurant offers 6 different flavors of burgers packed with lots of goodness.

Bwibo restaurant burgers follow the mantra, “sweet or nothing” and that’s what makes you eat their burgers. Burgers sitere na Kshs. 700/= approximately Ksh. 980/=.

The Double Diner Burger is my favorite.

6.) Grill Shack

Grill Shack offers great burgers made with 100% pure Angus beef.

They offer steaks, ribs, and burgers that are dominated by meat in a common area but the factory has an open kitchen that allows diners to enjoy the view of the kitchen.

The menu also offers an impressive selection of starters, burritos, seafood, salads and drinks.

Grill Shack burgers from Kshs. 790 to Ksh.1290.

My favorite burger is the chef’s specialty burger. This is a burger styled with well-seasoned prime rib topped with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and vinegar.

7.) Between Two Burgers

Between two Burgers is the cloud kitchen in Kahawa Sukari that presents a great range of hamburgers, which are not good, tasty and filling.

Between two burgers with the longest and worst burgers in Nairobi.

Between Two Burgers operates from 11.30pm to 8pm, Monday to Sunday and orders are made via 0708319880. Between the price of two burger buns from Kshs. 450 to Ksh. 900.

The double cluck burger is a banger, it consists of fresh buns with two large fried chicken breasts and a good secret sauce.

8.) Nab a Burger

Nab a Burger is the newest burger restaurant in Nairobi. Located at The Office Park, Riverside Drive in a small pocket.

Nab A Burger serves a creative burger with a creative name accompanied by delicious fries.

Nab a Burger is open Tuesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Burgers are priced at Kshs. 500/= ruo Ksh. 1200.

Their nogori burger is my favorite burger followed by pilipi feast at Kshs. 800/=.

9.) Fnky Gourmet

Sierra Burger’s sister, Fnky Gourmet Burgers are not just ordinary burgers, they are a healthy lifestyle and bring happiness to your table.

Fnky Brgr offers 12 flavors of burgers all served with funky fries and a fresh salad.

Fnky Brgr Burgers from Kshs. 600 to Ksh. 900 and they work Monday to Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm every day.

I only had their hot burger because of the added jalapenos which added a kick to my meal.

10.) Sierra Bar and Grill

Sierra Bar and Grill is a popular Kenyan restaurant that grew out of its founder’s experience in Thailand, California and Bavaria introducing the world to dry Angus beef.

Sierra Burger’s meat comes from Laikipia and Timau.

They serve both famous wagyu and angus beef steaks. Burgers ha sitere na 1350/= ruo Kshs. 2800 / = .