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top 10 Best Private Girls Secodary Schools In Nairobi

top 10 Best Private Girls Secondary Schools In Nairobi

This article is about top 10 Best Private Girls Secondary Schools In Nairobi. This list focuses on well-performing schools that provide high-quality education and have excellent facilities that provide a good environment for learning.

Best Private Girls Secondary Schools In Nairobi

In no particular order, here is a list of the best secondary schools for girls in Nairobi

1. Kianda School

Kianda School is an all-girls high school that produces active and hard-working girls who strive for excellence in all aspects of their development. The school offers an 8-4-4 program and many extracurricular activities.

Location: Kabarsiran Avenue, off Waiyaki Way, opposite CCK.

Callers: 0721 547 572/ 0733 846 959.

2. Riara Springs Girls’ High School

Riara Springs Girls High School is an exclusive all-girls school offering the national 8-4-4 curriculum. The school focuses on a comprehensive education and a well-structured approach to develop the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and physical development of students.

Location: Near Riara Road, near Ngong Road.

Contact: 0703 038 222.

3. Nairobi Leadership School

Nairobi Leadership School is a unique boarding and day school and a modern school with great facilities, offering 8-4-4 and IGCSE curriculum.

Location: Mugoya Estate, South C.

Contact: 0790 000 003.

4. St Hannah Girls High School

St Hannah’s Girls School offers the opportunity to learn forms 1-4 using the 8-4-4 curriculum. It offers many residential schools in clean, well-designed and spacious rooms.

Location: Karin.

Contact: 0721 259 102/020 211 2660.

5. Loreto Convent Msongari

Loreto Convent Msongari is a girls’ school that teaches Curriculum 2, 8-4-4 and British IGCSE. The school has a dormitory and a day house. It provides quality education and strives to gradually shape students as a whole.

Location: Lavington.

Contact: 0729 041 294.

6. St Elizabeth High School

St Elizabeth Girls High School is a private boarding school for girls that offers a comfortable learning environment with modern facilities. It offers an 8-4-4 formation from Form 1-4.

Location: Karen, 1km from Karen Mall.

Contact: 0722 873 115.

7. Newlight Senior Girls Secondary School

Newlight Senior is one of the top girls’ high schools in the area. This school offers the highest academics and prides itself on showing outstanding performance both in academics and in extracurricular activities.

Location: Along Athi River – Namanga Road, Kitengela.

Callers: 0796 363 757/0789 919 515.

8. Maasai High School

Maasai High School is a chartered charter school established in 1974. It has modern facilities that provide a comfortable environment for learning.

Location: Off Ngong Road, 5 km from Ngong Town.

Contact: 0713 088 218.

9. Kitengela Girls High School

Kitengela Girls is a private 8-4-4 girls’ school. The school provides a high-quality learning experience for all students, fosters a sense of belonging and respect for one another, and provides the skills necessary to solve real-world problems.

Location: Kitengela Village, opposite St Monica’s Catholic Church.

Callers: 0718 982 697/ 0727 326 255.

10. Lakewood Emerald High School

Lakewood Emerald is the perfect place for your daughter. The school strives to support and inspire every girl to achieve her full God-given potential by providing excellence in academic and other activities.

Location: Kitengela, off the old Namanga road.

Contact: 0796 180 654/0722 062 635.