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top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Trans Nzoia County

top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Trans Nzoia County

This article is about top 10 best private hospitals in Trans Nzoia County. The county has an area of ​​2,469.90 square kilometers. Its capital and largest town is Kitale. Trans Nzoia has many hospitals offering maternity services, some of which are under Linda mama program (free NHIF maternity services).

Best Private Hospitals In Trans Nzoia County

In no particular order, here is a list of the top 10 private hospitals in Trans Nzoia County.

Kitale Maternity and Nursing Home

It offers basic emergency obstetric care, inpatient and outpatient nursing services, family planning, pharmacy and laboratory tests.

Location: Kitale Town

contacts: 054 20775

Mount Elgon Hospital

It offers dentistry, pharmacy, laboratory tests, ambulance, radiology, physiotherapy and maternal health services.

Location: Saboti

contacts: 0723 206 502

Kitale Medical Center

It is a private medical clinic that offers general medical care and consultations.

Location: Milimani, Kitale Town

Cherangany nursing home

It offers laboratory, ambulance, pharmacy, physical therapy, maternal health, orthopedics, radiology and imaging, family planning, and dental services.

Location: Along the Kitale-Eldoret Highway, Kitale Town

contacts: 0713 644 440

Bliss Medical Center

It offers radiology, laboratory, ultrasound, pharmacy, medical consultation and optical services.

Location: Mega City Mall, Kitale Town

Contacts: +254 780 622 129

Kiminini rural hospital

It is one of the best private hospitals and nursing homes in the county. It offers general medicine, laboratory, maternity, pharmacy, family planning and APV consultations.

Location: Kiminini Town.

Contacts: 0723 644 555

Dr. Manut Evans Clinic

Location: Medici Square, Kitale Town

contacts:0733 907 166

The Galilee Medical Center

It offers both inpatient and outpatient medical services, pharmacy, laboratory, curative services, maternity, X-rays, ultrasounds, obstetrics and gynecology.

Location: Milimani, off Kitale-Eldoret Road

Contacts: 0718 001 373/ 0772 400 021

Crystal Medical Clinic

Location: Milimani, Kitale Town

contacts: 0728 863 141

Crescent Davina Medical Clinic

It is a medical center that mainly offers consultations and general medicine treatments.

Location: Kitale Town

Contacts: +254 543 1532