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top 10 best Romantic Restaurants in Nairobi

top 10 best Romantic Restaurants in Nairobi – ideal for dating

This article is about top 10 best Romantic Restaurants in Nairobi.

Sometimes doing something full of adrenaline with your loved one can be overwhelming.

You just need a little time to drink and eat away from the noise and enjoy each other’s company.

When you’re looking for a restaurant for a date, you want a nice, well-appointed place that offers food full of flavor. It is also important to have a vibe that will support a perfect romantic date.

best Romantic Restaurants in Nairobi

Below is a list of the top 10 best romantic restaurants in Nairobi that you should visit.

1. chinese whispers

With the variety of flavors that Chinese dishes offer, the choice for a good evening would be to enter Whispers of China: a restaurant that often serves such dishes in the heart of Nairobi.

Offering dishes such as wonton soup, kung pao chicken, schezwan spicy fish, and chicken dim sum, this place has easily become a favorite among couples.

Chinese Whispers is brightly lit with sophisticated decor and the warm atmosphere creates the perfect atmosphere for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. Shokupan

Shokupan is a traditional Japanese milk cake that is appreciated for its soft and fluffy texture. This served as the inspiration for Barista’s new sister restaurant in Sarit Center.

Shokupan is open from 8 am to 9 pm daily. If you are looking for a simple dinner, Shokupan will be the best choice.

Their unique menu, borrows inspiration from Asia and Japan to offer you delicious dishes, pastries and coffee.

3. Bambino

Located in the heart of Westlands, Bambino is a newly opened restaurant founded on the vision of providing some of the best Italian dining experiences in Kenya.

With an enthusiastic welcome and elegant decor, the hotel will leave you hungry.

Bambino’s food is innovative and creative, combining high quality ingredients to create delicious flavors. Their food menu includes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

4. Eden Nairobi

Eden was originally a family home that has been transformed into a living art museum, hotel, private gallery and library that has since been opened to the public.

Bordering the Giraffe Sanctuary, Eden offers a culturally immersive experience of the city of Nairobi. If you are looking for a place for your next romantic date, Eden sure offers a more than satisfying experience.

For the pure dinner, a reservation is required preferably a few days in advance with a deposit of five thousand Kenyan shillings.

5. Cultiva

Cultiva is an unconventional restaurant recently opened by Ecuadorian Ariel Moscardi who has created such a buzz in Nairobi thanks to his famous mantra of food.

As the name suggests, Cultiva uses an interesting preparation method where the food is grown directly on the farm and prepared for you at that time.

Trust this place to create an unforgettable experience through the beauty of the art, the mixed taste of the products produced by the designers, and the professional service.

6. Talisman Hotel

Talisman is a beautiful hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi. This is the place you want to go to enjoy well-prepared, delicious food.

Talisman serves a variety of dishes including seafood, contemporary, Italian and regional fusion cuisine. There is attention to every detail made to create the perfect place to play for any purpose.

Whether you want to have a romantic dinner, see your friends or spend time with your family, this is the best place.

This decoration is a combination inspired by many countries and their unique works. .

7. Honey and dough

Let food be your medicine let medicine be your food. Honey and Flour is one of the most well thought out restaurants when it comes to cosmetics. It is located in the Westlands, on the seventh floor of the African Zone.

Honey and Flour also offers a breathtaking view of the Nairobi city skyline. Their choice of sound, furniture, lighting and general decor made the whole place attractive enough to serve up chaos.

Its heat combined with a wide selection of delicious daily meals makes it worth it.

Their bar serves a variety of well -made cocktails and non -alcoholic drinks, which is a plus.


Harvest Restaurant is located in the local market. The chefs use natural ingredients from all over to prepare some of the best food in Nairobi.

The interior is a simple display of unique decor and an interesting combination of colors and decor. Harvest Hotel is a gem when looking for a place to go on a date.

The price list is a bit high, but the atmosphere it offers is worth it. Their menu perfectly reflects hand-picked vintages from around the world.

9. hero restaurant

Hero is the first restaurant to open in Nairobi with a hero themed menu. It is located on the 9th floor of Trademark Hotel Village Market along Limuru Road, Nairobi.

The interior is full of bright colors and art that is about to enter into your personal fantasy. Food, jewelry and kitchen utensils are all inspired by heroes and heroines.

Although it is not a typical Japanese restaurant, most of the dishes served here are cooked using traditional Japanese cuisine.

Hotel Hero is the best choice for those looking for a delicious dining experience.

10. Inti A Nikkei

Inti nikkei restaurant in the heart of Westlands prepares dishes according to the best Nikkei cuisine. This is a wonderful newly opened place in One Africa Place that offers a fusion of Japanese, Asian and Peruvian dishes.

It’s also great for vegetarians, offering plenty of other gluten-free vegan options.

Inti a nikkei is now popular among the locals, mainly because of its unique Japanese cuisine and world-class decor.

It has a beautiful view of the Nairobi skyline and the service is very nice. Stop here for a sophisticated Nikkei experience that will keep you coming back for more