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Top 10 best steakhouses in NAIROBI

Top 10 best steakhouses in NAIROBI

This article is about some of the Top 10 best steakhouses in NAIROBI. Everyone should have a good steak once in a while, if not always.

  • Kenyans love their meat and the love of Nyama Choma has spawned a growing steak culture.

When looking for a place to eat and enjoy a delicious steak, here is a list of the top ten restaurants to consider.

best steakhouses in NAIROBI

1. Pampa Churrascaria

Located in Lavington, Pampa Churrascaria is the best Brazilian steak house in Nairobi.

This is an all-inclusive hotel in the heart of Panari Sky that caters to vegetarians and vegans. No question, if you are a meat lover, this is a little paradise for you.

Meat is grilled at Pampas Churrascaria with some of the highest culinary standards and everything, especially cocktails, will leave you wanting more.

2. Graze Steakhouse

Graze Steakhouse is located in Sankara, Nairobi. This must be one of the best steak houses that leaves such an impression on everyone who chooses to eat there.

Graze Steakhouse is a modern take on the New York steakhouse and is the reigning champion in the deluxe steakhouse/grill category.

Their beef is aged and prepared to your liking; as you wish, they have it.

3. Seven Grill and Lounge

Located in the city market, Seven Grill and Lounge is a restaurant where you can enjoy some of Kenya’s best beef.

The chefs at Grill Seven and Lounge carefully select and prepare your dishes according to your tastes and preferences.

Located in one of the biggest malls in Nairobi, Seven Grill and Lounge is the best place to unwind and relax after shopping.

4. the Local Grill

The Local Grill is the highest restaurant for any food related food. It is located in the city market and a visit here allows you to do one or two activities in the mall besides eating.

Local Grill is undoubtedly one of the best steakhouses in Kenya. The space has been beautifully finished with subtle colors and all the weather gives instant vibes.

They have a great menu for all palates and a great selection of wines you can order. A perfect paradise for animal lovers.

5. Fogo Gaucho

Fogo Gaucho is a typical Brazilian steakhouse that is frequented by locals and tourists alike in Kenya.

It has two locations: one in Westlands and the other in Kilimani. It is a meat lover’s paradise that lets you discover and taste around 17 meats with a variety of salads and desserts to go with it.

Fogo Gaucho has a fixed price for all you can eat and it only goes for 2500 Kenyan shillings.

The ambiance is relaxed and the decor is simple, making it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious steak.

A must visit place, especially for meat lovers.

6. Ankole grill

The name Ankole grill comes from the Ankole Watusi, a breed of cattle in Africa. As the name suggests, Ankole grill offers an indoor experience that brings you the unique taste of African steak.

It is located in the central plaza along Galana Road in Nairobi.

Ankole Grill is open Monday to Sunday; 9 am to 7 pm.

They have acoustic on Wednesday nights every two weeks where you can enjoy your food while enjoying a great performance from some of the best.

7. Soaring Eagles Spur

Soaring Eagles Spur is one of the oldest steak houses in Kenya. It provides a warm and comfortable environment to enjoy a great steak with your friends and family.

With multiple branches in Nairobi, Soaring Eagle Spur is dedicated to providing high quality, tasty, nutritious and affordable food.

Eating the famous spur ribs will be a no-brainer, but I promise the finger-stick flavor will keep you coming back for more.

8. the grill shark

The Grill Shark is a recommended place for meat lovers.

This restaurant is known for having passion for their meat and attention to detail when it comes to their different dishes makes that even stronger.

The decor at The Grill Shack is really fun, making it a perfect first date idea (that’s bringing out their prime rib).

Their menu focuses on all meats: steaks, ribs, and burgers.

The meat is prepared to your liking and the delivery almost always comes with an incredible amount of flavor.

9. Carnivore

Carnivore is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to choosing a carnivore’s paradise in Nairobi.

Carnivore has been serving the best steak since 1980 when it opened to the public. The interior decoration is simple with a touch and the exterior of the Simba Saloon is open and airy.

Carnivore is located along Langata Road in Nairobi, about 30 minutes from the central business district and good weather.

They serve a variety of charcoal-grilled and carved meats to your table for you to munch on.

10. Olpul Steak House and Grill

Olpul Steak and Grill is located in Two Rivers Mall.

This is a steakhouse that prides itself on celebrating Kenyan culture by creating an incredible feast of meat from some of Kenya’s best butchers.

They define juicy and their menu does not disappoint.

One thing you have to try when you visit is their travel steak: delicious