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top 13 Best Billboard Companies In Kenya

top 13 Best Billboard Companies In Kenya

This article is about top 13 Best Billboard Companies In Kenya. This list focuses on popular companies that offer outdoor advertising using billboards. Billboard advertising is the most effective and one of the cheapest ways to promote a product, business or campaign. This is because most of the billboards are built in high traffic areas where it can be seen from a high point of view.

Best Billboard Companies In Kenya

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1. Magnate Ventures Limited

Magnate Ventures offers outdoor advertising services ranging from billboards, billboards, street light advertising, sky boards, and billboards. They provide a highly visual and engaging image of the customer’s product through strategic planning and creative artistic thinking.

Contact: 0722 204 400.


2. Kenya Media Alliance

The company was founded in 2000 and has built a network of first-class processing sites along highways and cities. With their reach to all parts of Kenya they also operate billboards in every town in Kenya.

Contact: +254 20 375 3012.

3. Adsite Limited

Location: 6th Parklands Avenue, Off Limuru Road.

Call: 0727 531 013, 0713 607 609.


4. Firmbridge

It is one of the largest billboards, brand vision, digital advertising and street advertising, covering the capital and busy streets.

Call: 0718 860 333, 0721 717 514.


5. Look Media

Look Media provides outdoor and indoor advertising systems in the capital city, roads, streets and highways in Kenya. Contact: 0738 423 399.


6. Consumer Link Communications Ltd

The company has installed many billboards in important places in major cities in the country. This has allowed corporate clients to get their money’s worth as they seek to improve their visibility.

Call: 0717 423 000, 0736 488 772.


7. livead

The company has more than 200 locations on major roads and is well positioned to provide high traffic, cost-effective communication services.

Contact: 0705 424 151.


8. pelican signs

Since independence, the company has dominated the market for outdoor and indoor and outdoor advertising.

Callers: 0720 208 308, 0733 208 308.


9. Tangerine Investments

They are the most progressive leaders in outdoor advertising across Kenya, with high impact sites and interesting locations.

Call: 0722 600 203, 0737 222 270.


10. absolute corporate solutions

The company offers specialty outdoor advertising, from magazine prints, newspaper graphics to billboard space on high street runways.

Contact: 0723 114 663.


11. Philmax Ventures

Philmax Ventures is a dynamic and innovative company that passes advertising to the next level thanks to transit advertising platforms and a university / campus brand. They guarantee a brand of quality, effective campaign strategies and timely reports.

Location: Savla Plaza, 8 Mogotio Road, Westlands, Nairobi.

Contact: 0787 000 055.


12. Ikon Prints Media Ltd

They offer remote, unique and valuable exposure to publishing in Kenya.

Callers: 0722 295 096, 0703 567 652. Email:

13. intime digital

The company provides an intelligent and integrated media platform to connect brands with the breadth and depth of their target audience.

Contact: 0781 338 905.